The Stilettos
Location: Canberra
Country: Australia

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The Stilettos are a premier female vocal trio that utilise stunning costumes & fabulous choreography to bring you a captivating performance that will leave a lasting impression.
The Stilettos have a sound reminiscent to The Supremes, The Andrews Sisters, The Pointer Sisters and other iconic girl groups, however they have an amazing quality, presence and style all of their own.
The trio appeal to a wide demographic and engage every audience with their personality, likeability and undisputable talent.

Whether you are seeking a feature show/act, dance floor repertoire, easy listening repertoire or a combination of these formats  ‘The Stilettos’ will deliver a polished & outstanding performance.
The group are also recognised for their ability to create an act to suit themed events. The Stilettos have a number of theme shows ready to perform, or are happy to discuss your individual requirements & ideas.
The trio and their sound engineer are reliable, experienced and professional, so event coordinators can relax and be assured that their event entertainment is in excellent hands.

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