The Three Waiters
Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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The Three Waiters is the original Singing Waiters show - a multi award winning, tightly scripted act featuring the cream of local performers who hide in plain sight, "hoaxing" as waiters at your function!

The world's number one Corporate Act* with thousands of successful live performances under their belt in well over 60 countries, The Three Waiters is designed to enhance, but never interrupt, your next big event!

Alfredo is the Italian Banquet Manager, a well mannered, experienced service professional dressed impeccably in an Armani suit - Jean-Marc (the Frenchman) is the charming and understated Wine Waiter - he is dressed exactly like the other staff. The third Waiter? Well, let's keep that as a surprise...

For 10 years, Audiences all over the world have seen and loved this hilarious duel between French Opera and Italian Opera!

When, with a little help from the audience, Jean-Marc and Alfredo agree to settle the debate by singing a song together - A THIRD WAITER bursts into the room singing brilliantly and upstaging both the Frenchman and the Italian!

The Three Waiters is a dynamic vocal trio featuring three professional actors hoaxing as waiters, singing everything from Verdi to Elvis. It is only at the finale that their true identities are revealed, and then The Three Waiters are gone, leaving your guests cheering!

The Three Waiters, the original Singing Waiters show, is the only act ever to win the prestigious USA Event Solutions Entertainer of the Year award twice! 2002, 2006

Sound Production

Critical to the performance is a surround sound ‘concert hall’ effect. It is imperative that speakers be placed evenly around the room so as an even sound can come from wherever the performers move.   A reverb effect is also needed to help create this ambience. 

Experienced Sound operator 

3 x Hand held radio microphones (Shure Beta 87s / Beta 58 or equivalent) 

1 x Reverb/effects unit (Often comes as part of the PA) 

1 x Microphone stand

1 x CD player (for backing tracks, MUST be a CD player and not a DVD player)

Staging and Lighting

A stage riser or stage is needed for any event over 60 people (Minimum area 10’ X 12’) along with a general stage wash. At least one follow spot is needed for events of over 100 guests.

Performer Meals

3 main meals + beverages will need to be supplied to the performers at the time nominated by the ‘Team Leader’.


Summary Time Price