Location: Newport, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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“…like watching music”
Angels, two metre high wings, silver, bubbles, glitter, stillness, and clowning, are woven together to create the magic of “Angelic”. 

This angel has fallen to the earth, but because the atmosphere here is too heavy with the sadness of people, angels can no longer fly. So the angel travels the world hoping to create enough laughter and magic so that flight will once gain be possible.
With an original music score and slow surreal movement, the silent being from another dimension plays with the humans that surround, enticing audiences of all ages into becoming part of a unique world. A strikingly beautful yet at times very funny, addition for any festival or event, corporate function or private party. Angelic is highly adaptable and can be performed as a living statue, a roving character, or a busking act.

“Angelic, enthralling and entertaining” - Halifax Buskers Festival, Canada

Angelic performances include –

Perth International Arts festival

Street Arts Festival, Fremantle

Coffs Harbour International Buskers Festival

Port Fairy Folk Festival

Adelaide Street Theatre in the Mall

Numerous festivals in Japan, Holland, The Uk, Germany, Italy, Romania, Ireland, Austria, Canada, and New Zealand.


Client to provide:  Refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue.

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