Location: Indoorooppilly, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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"On behalf of the commitee organising the 2011 Tara Festival of Culture, we would like to congratulate Maneouvre Stilt Walkers on their fabulous contribution to our event. They interacted so well with the crowd and also with the other entertainers. Their frequent costume changes and characterisation was a hit with all ages. Even the teenagers thought they were cool (not easy to get that audience). We would certainly love to have them back again!" --- TARA FESTIVAL OF CULTURE, Kerri Wood and Mary Youngberry, VIC

ENTE - Gracefully arising above the ground, the public looks astonished when this Black & Red, long leggeded creature flutters along, seducing and persuading its audience with delight. As this majestic creature strides through the crowd using its unusal shapped head to look serenely around all are left in cheer admiration and wonder. ENTE represents the dark side in all of us and is perfect for Night Clubs, Casino’s, Cruise Ships, Festivals, Corporate Events, Parades, Theme Parks, Shopping Centres, Product Launches and many other special events.

ENTE is an elite roving stilt performance company which has been providing roving stilt acts to festivals, nightclubs, corporate events, shopping centres, weddings and functions throughout Australia, The United Kingdom, Asia and New Zealand for over 15 years. 

Much more than simply "walkers", these Stilt Performers; whilst strutting, looping and dancing through the crowd, stimulate the imagination, inspire joy and offer an engaging, playful and interactive experience for audiences of various sizes. 
Other characters include:
  • Lip Service
  • Ma' amselle Claire
  • Jack and Jack
  • Red Ribbon
  • Blax
  • On The Wing
Click on the above links or Search the Entertain Oz website for text and images of each of these.
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