Stilt walking Kangaroos and more
Location: Richmond, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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 Bouncing Kangaroos

(Also available - Easter Bunnies, Horses, Lions, Zebras, Cheetahs, Rabbits, Panthers and Satyrs)

Fully interactive and loads of fun!!
Our Wacky Bouncing Kangaroos are cheeky, crazy show offs that love to get all the attention! Watch as the run and bounce their way around crowds and playing with the kids and posing for pictures! Set them loose and see how fast they really can go on their bouncing stilts that can take them more than 4ft in the air!
These along with our other animals are the perfect roving entertainment for any event, festival or function for any age group.
Standard booking is x3 performers but you can book up to 6.
In Greek mythology, satyrs (in Greek, , , , satyrs (in , Σ?τυροι — Sátyroi) are a troop of male companions of Pan and Dionysus— "satyresses" were a late invention of poets— that roamed the woods and mountains. These beautiful creatures of the woods will come out and entertain your audience.
Standing over 7ft high on skyrunners (bouncing stilts), they will rove through the patrons will ease and a flirtatiously cheeky attitude, playing with each person, tickling them with their feathers and cute childish manner.
Our stunning Satyrs will stand out amongst all, not just from their height but their gold bodies, massive horns, woolly legs and animal like hair! You may also choose set them free into open spaces but, beware, when they decide… they can run like the wind!
Booking available in pairs or up to a group of 6 performers
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