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Based on the comedic challege between a Seargeant, Convict and Wench, we offer a number of performances and/or presentations throughout the day(s) with each presentation running anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. The TROUPE will definitely amaze your audience as we take them back to a history filled with excitement, anecdotes and fun. More so we can adapt the script to fit your festivities without any problem.

The TROUPE can be used in many different scenarios and situations that range from ...

  • engaging the audience in costume in one well-scripted shows where tours are arranged for visitors to be taken through.
  • in entertaining a crowd waiting in a queue.
  • for a meet and greet scenario or
  • wandering through the crowd in a well planned performance

If you are having a corporate event and/or festival and/or school function - then why not consider something absolutely different. We offer a range of extremely interactive, hilarious and authentic shows that will add that extra touch to your event, function, company event and/or festival.  With highly trained professional performers and actors in the areas of street theatre, stage presentation, singing and television you can't go wrong with "The Colonial Show" Events or Festival Shows.

Consider our number one hit the
Change your setup, bring a new sense of excitement on stage as we present an official Town Crier who can officiate various formal and social events, introduce new stage acts and even more so ... why not have our Town Crier waiting at the Entrance Point of your function as he gladly welcomes the groups in. This is and has always been pleasing to the audience who are already placed in the mood to have a great time.

We have a number of street performances that will compliment whatever event, festival or function you have.  Why not try and select from a range of interactive audience based short performances that will definitely attract a crowd.

  1. The Convict Wedding.
  2. The Trial of Anne Fowles.
  3. The Arrest of a Convict.
  4. The Trial of William Ramsey
  5. The Convict flogging and story of Cat o’-nine Tails
  6. The Black Velvet Band
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