Richard & Minnie Major
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Richard & Minnie are a highly entertaining Magic & illusion duo, with a light hearted dash of comical style in the spectacular haze of illusions and intriguing Magic.

Their presence is ever so quirky and unique, audiences are left bedazzled by their fun stance on Magic, leaving a memeorable experience for all.

Richard being from the U.K & Minnie with her signature high heel stilettos - together theire performance is unique, witty and mesmerising.

They may be light hearted & comical but by the end of the show, you'll be wondering what happened to your jaw!!  Don't get fooled now!

Their stage show is a variety of skillful & quirky presentations from Mentalism to sword penetration, puppets, flying tables, audience participation, oh and more blades.  Richard's wit and skill & Minnie's cuteness will be fun in itself.  All previous show goers limbs are all in tact to date.

A great professional Magic & Illusion duo with over 20 years experience.  A unique crowd pleasing stage show.

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