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Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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You can pick up for your event or party or we can deliver install and even run your presentation.,

We can also copy all your video tapes to DVD and even edit your presentation. We can also supply high definition video cameras to video your speaker and project it onto the screen whatever your audio visual requirements we are your audio visual people.

We can also supply professional digital video equipment and videographers if required to video your gig -

and professional editors to cut your show for agents and venues.

We have multiple video cameras for team building  where you can give cameras to several teams and we can edit the tape to final mini movie to show at the dinner-you can even award mini academy awards to best picture, actor and director!

 demos available

We also supply equipment for  do it yourself company advertising and product demos , weddings and conferences.


 We can video end of year dance concerts with 1 or 2 camera shoot edit to final product and copy to DVD

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