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DAMsmart provides specialist audiovisual media digitisation services for a range of customers, from broadcast and cultural collections. DAMsmart is one of the most advanced audiovisual digitisation facilities in the world, offering a highly experienced service for digitising virtually every format of videotape, film and audio. Our service is designed to deliver our customers a SMART option for the delivery of digital preservation and access outcomes. We use our own custom designed SMART digitisation platform, which incorporates automated and semi-automated workflows. Our platform is fully scalable, allowing the addition of replay devices as required to accommodate projects of varying sizes. We can digitise virtually any video media from contemporary formats such as Betacam carriers through to obsolete media such as 1-inch and 2-inch quad as well as all film gauges. We can deliver virtually any video codec in any wrapper, including Uncompressed, lossless JPEG2000, MPEG2 4:2:2/4:2:0 1-50Mbs, MPEG4 Part 10/ H.264, Windows Media, Flash, and many more. DAMsmart employ the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the business, with over 150 years of collective experience in the Australian audiovisual industry. The team consists of industry experts with backgrounds in the broadcast industry and national audiovisual preservation organisations, giving us the real skills and expertise required to manage digitisation projects of any complexity. DAMsmart provides a full service archive digitisation solution including workflow design, system architecture, digitisation, quality assurance, testing and reporting as well as SMART logistics management for temporary archive relocations. Employing state-of-the-art technology and industry leading specialists, we are geared to deliver organisations throughout the Asia Pacific region with a complete media archive digitisation and management solution. Services Video Digitisation Service We use a range of cutting-edge digitisation technologies to migrate video content kept on physical carriers such as the Betacam family, 1 inch C format, U-Matic, VHS, D-2, 1 and 2 inch and much more. We can efficiently transfer the content from most carriers into a contemporary digital file format for digital file for broadcasting, postproduction and archiving purposes. We use a number of traditional conservation and physical restoration techniques such as baking and tape cleaning to maximise the quality of the video replay prior to encoding. We also have a number of SMART techniques that will optimise even the most damaged of carriers. Film Digitisation Service The DAMsmart film digitisation service is ideal for culturally important 16 and 35mm film collections. We create high-definition video output, up to 1080p, for 16 and 35mm formats as well as standard definition depending on the requirements of the job. Our specialist archival film scanner can manage damaged film including Vinegar syndrome and shrinkage up to 4%. Optimised laser technology guarantees excellent picture stability throughout the process. The system uses a continuous capstan drive film transport that is specifically designed for archival film transfers, reducing the risk of damage to delicate film material during the transfer process. We have in-house film experts to undertake the repair and preparation of delicate archival film as well as primary as secondary colour grading as required. Audio Digitisation Service The DAMsmart digitisation service is not only for moving image archives; our comprehensive digitisation platform also facilitates the conversion of ageing and obsolete audio formats into a wide range of audio digital file formats for broadcasting, post production and archiving.

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