Location: Artarmon, Artarmon
Country: Australia

Contact Number: (02)94607775
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DIGIHiRE Sydney offers low rates for high quality, professional, digital hire products. Excellent range of Sony digital video cameras, VTRs, DVD, monitors and accessories. Our speciality is HDV plus a focus on Mini DV, DV and DVCAM. Additionally we hire / rent Digital Betacam and SP Betacam, plus a wide range of professional production equipment including lighting kits, converters, dollies, vision mixer, vocal and UHF (wireless) microphones. We also provide a dubbing (copying) service for tape to tape or transferring tapes to DVD. Our low rates include insurance, GST and stamp duty. We offer discounts for weekend and multi-day hires. You can request an equipment booking from our website 24/7.
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