Duplication Station
Location: Narangba, Brisbane
Country: Australia

Mobile Number: 0 4 4 x x x x 0 5 6
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Duplication Station is Brisbane's premier Film, Video, Audio & Image Transfer & Duplications Specialists. We offer the widest range of services in an effort to ensure we can provide just what our clients need at a price they consider truly good value. No-one else offers more choice! Our new website lists all our pricing, so you can get that all important question answered without having to ring up and endure a sales pitch. Of course, if you need to know more help is as close as an email or phone call. A quick look at our Examples page will leave you in no doubt as to the quality of our services.. A picture paints a thousand words, as they say... So for... • the widest range of services/pricing • fantastic quality • excellent technical knowledge, & • the ability to handle just about any form of obsolete media you can throw at us.. ...DuplicationStation.com.au is the only real choice! Our Specialties: Just a few of our specialties... • VHS to DVD transfers • SVHS to DVD transfers • VHS-C to DVD transfers • Beta to DVD transfers • Video 8 to DVD transfers • Hi8 to DVD transfers • Digital 8 to DVD transfers • mini-DV to DVD transfers • Cassettes to CD transfers • Vinyl records to CD transfers • Reel-to-Reel to CD transfers • 8 mm Film to DVD transfers • Super 8 Film to DVD transfers • 16 mm Film to DVD transfers • Slides/photos/negative to DVD transfers • DVD slideshow production • TV Standards conversion - PAL>NTSC>PAL • Video tape repairs & conversion • cassette tape repairs & conversion • photos extracted from video/film • DVD duplication • CD duplication • VHS duplication ... and a whole lot more! Short results message: Camcorder Broken? No film projector? VCR on it's last legs? Cassette deck gone to heaven? How are you gonna enjoy your now obselete media? Duplication Station to the rescue! We are the specialists you can trust for quality services, excellent value & answers to the tough, "techie" - type questions. No-one rescues more precious memories than Duplication Station!
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