Video Replay Systems
Location: Belrose, Nsw
Country: Australia

Contact Number: 0417747414
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Synchronising audio, computer presentation slides and video footage Application Training Seminars Workshops Press releases Product Launches Web Marketing A great way of showcasing your products and/or event either on line or via duplicated CD’s. Corporate Conferencing Advantages It is the next best thing to actually being at the events. View the pictures and audio as well as the PowerPoint at the same time. Inexpensive – No production crew or expensive equipment required. No expensive post production necessary Synchronised Captured material can be available to be posted to a website almost immediately after the event. No need for CD duplications, material can be downloaded from a website, We design the look of the web pages and play screen to compliment your site as well as the web hosting options. Service Includes Capture Technician All audio visual required for the capture Customised play screen HTML customised menu page Web hosting IT support
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