Balloon Saloon
Location: Maroubra, Sydney
Country: Australia

Mobile Number: 0 4 1 x x x x 1 7 7
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"It's ALWAYS a Party at Balloon Saloon" # More than 15 years experience in the balloon and events industry # Our team are truely amazing. We are all passionate about parties and indeed about life! We believe that life should be full of celebrations and great memories so we know that every party counts. # We have a strong commitment to relationship building with our clients. We don’t want 1 off sales - we want lifelong relationships. # Extensive knowledge of all local venues. When a client mentions the venue, we can instantly provide advice on what balloon décor looks great in the space (and what colours will suit the room) # Open 7 days for pick up and delivery to Eastern Suburbs and CBD. # Our team attends many training sessions throughout the year and we subscribe to all the industry magazines and newsletters. # We are members of the NSW Balloon Association. # We make a visit to our shop fun for everyone. We give away balloons, lollipops etc and entertain the kids. We want everyone to feel comfortable when they visit us. # Stock the highest quality latex balloon you can buy. The balloons have a very long flight time, vibrant colours and coordinating accessories (eg: ribbons, weights, printed latex balloons etc) # We are on time every time. Our clients never need to make the “where are my balloons???” call because we respect the need to always be on time. # We are always on the lookout for new product lines, we are also open to suggestions from our clients on what they would like to have access to. # Our systems and streamline production allow us to remain competitively priced and efficient at all times. We specialise in delivering balloons and party products to events in CBD and Eastern Suburbs 7 days a week Our shop is also open 7 days a week and you will find lots of fantastic party products on display as well as a large variety of helium balloons for all occasions.
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