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Great nights of outdoor cinema are now an inexpensive reality with Cinemalite’s unique, portable DIY outdoor cinema packages. At Cinemalite we have worked hard to create inexpensive, safe and easy to use portable and versatile cinema packages to make the enjoyable experience of outdoor cinema available to everyone. Their size and ease of operation mean that they are suitable for: • Backyard parties • Fundraising film nights • Product launches with a difference • TV sporting events • Spectacular console gaming tournaments • Party with big screen music videos • Karaoke • Presentations Our unique 3.65 metre (12ft) screens inflate in five minutes and in ten to fifteen minutes you’re ready for action. Included in the package are high quality AV equipment. The AV centre consists of an amplifier , mixer ,a DVD player with microphone input and a high brightness projector. The powerful Wharfedale Pro speakers also included in the package are ‘passive’ and run on low voltage for safety, but don’t be fooled, just because they’re very safe, doesn’t mean they’re not powerful, and they have more than enough volume for an audience in excess of 200 should you need it. You can also rear project onto the screen, thereby keeping all the equipment behind the screen and out of the way of the audience. This avoids the proplem of a presenter in front of the screen casting a shadow onto it and having the projector shining in their eyes when they’re speaking to the audience. The screen is fully inflatable.Once inflated by the small, hand held electric air pump the screen no longer requires elctrical power. Putting it by the pool for a “dive in” movie is much safer than with airblown screens which require constant connection to electrical power. For a much larger audience an array of screens, (two or three at 60 degree or ninety degree angles to each other,) can be used. This means a powerful and expensive PA system is not required to reach the audienbs at the back of a large single screen event. With a multiple small screen array the audience is spread over a wide area closer to the screens, and the wind issues encountered with much larger portable screens are also avoided, as are the noise issues with the bigger PA systems.
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