Fancy Shmancy Boutique Fancy Dress Hire
Location: Bondi Junction, Sydney
Country: Australia

Contact Number: 0293871330
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Fancy Shmancy Boutique Fancy Dress Hire & Costume Design

Welcome! Please enter the world of Fancy Shmancy. Home to over 5000 inspirational, high quality costumes, more than 200 wigs and 1000’s of accessories. A well kept secret (until now!) and the recreational playground of talented (and beautiful!) costume gurus.

How It Works..... Our collection is structured and organised in a way that allows us to individually fit and style each costume. When you come in we need to know the theme of your party, when it is and what ideas you have. We can then go into the vortex that is Fancy Shmancy and pull out the most suitable garments for your sizing, availability and personal requirements.

If you come in and say you want to be Superman then we just get Superman, but if you say you want to be a Renegade Outlaw Cowboy then we have to build your costume from the ground up. The more you know about what you want or don't want the easier and more fun it will be.

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