A Night in Africa
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Country: Australia

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380"A Night in Africa" Event Decorations

If you are organising a big event and are wanting something different and special, with a big WOW factor? Where all of your guests are just communicating how much they love being at the event and how successful it is. Are you looking for something different with minimal effort on your part?
We will transform your venue and transport your guests to the the deepest, darkest jungles of Africa. Whether you be a Tarzan of the Urban Jungle, a Tribal Savage or a Colonial Safari Hunter we will transport you to the very heart of Africa with our be amazing, exciting, thrilling, inspirational range of 'African' Props and Soft Furnishings.

Our African Theme Event and Party Props just got better. The following package which will give you the ultimate event experience will save you $500+gst! This offer is exclusive to EntertainOz but is limited due to availability...so book fast or miss out.






  • Rock Cave Archway
  • Palm Tree Clusters (x4)
  • Tiki Torch Bollards (x8)

 Tiger and Jungle $300+gst

  • Tiger (2.5 Dimension)
  • Palm Frond Clusters (3 Dimension)
  • Stand

Lion on Safari $300+gst

  •  Lion (2.5 Dimension)
  • Veld Grass
  • Veld Backdrop Silhouette
  • Lighting

Elephant in Forest $300+gst

  • Elephant
  • Forest Silhouette Backdrop
  • Farming and Stand

Giant Tribal Masks $200+gst (per mask)

  • Giant Tribal Masks
  • Palm Frond Cluster
  • Stand

Witch Doctors Throne $200+gst

  • Throne
  • Animal Skins (Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Zebra)

Giant Skull $200+gst

  • Skull (2.4mtr-4.0mtr [H] x 2.4mtr [W])
  • Stands(x2)
  • Lighting

Tribal Weapons $50+gst

  • Tribal Shield (1200mm[H] x 600mm[W])
  • Tribal Spear (2.0mtr[L])

African Themed Tables $50+gst

  • Tribal Mask 
  • LED Light Base
  • Synthetic Foliage
  • Leopard Skin Overlays
Height 80cm
Diametre: 30cm

African Theme Bar Hut $200+gst

  • Thatched Canopy
  • Bamboo Framing
  • Steel Base Plates
  • Tribal Shield and Spear
Dimenesions: (1.8mtr(L) x .8mtr(W) x 2.4mtr(H)

Jungle Ceiling Mobiles $75+gst

  • Monkey on a Vine(1200mm x 600mm)
  • Toucan and Foliage (1200mm x 600mm)
  • Python and Foliage (1200mm x 600mm)
  • Rigging

Jungle Draping $400+gst

  • Shreded Green Chiffon Drapes (4 x 10mtr Lengths)
  • Shreded Yellow Chiffon Drapes (4 x 10mtr Lengths)
  • Rigging

African Backdrop $800+gst

  • 12mtr x 6mtr Painted Backdrop
  • Rigging $300+gst
  • Lighting $100+gst
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