Fiona Fyrebird
Location: Perth, Perth
Country: Australia

Mobile Number: 0 4 3 x x x x 3 2 3
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Fire performing and LED shows. Fire dancing, object manipulation, and circus workshops. Rising from the ashes, the Fyrebird illuminates and entertains at events and festivals in Perth.

Let the Fyrebird entrance and captivate you with her fusion of dance and flow arts. She has a large range of fire props including, fire fans, rope dart, staff, poi, umbrella, and poi. She also has an impressive and illuminating range of indoor friendly LED props, such as: fans, rope dart, poi, isis wings, silk fan veils, hoops, and pixel whip. Passionate about dance, fire and LED flow arts, Fiona has many years of performing experience. She has performed at Fringe Word as an LED performer and dancer, plus countless festivals and events in Perth and around WA.

Fiona also does circus workshops: as in international flow arts teacher, she has taught for highly regarded flow festivals, such as Fire Drums (USA) and for the Seattle Fow Arts Collective (USA).

Themed events and roving characters catered for; she will work with you to bring your desires/entertainment requirements to life in an array of light and ambience.


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