Total Wrestling Entertainment
Location: Ferntree Gully Bc, Victoria
Country: Australia

Mobile Number: 0 4 3 x x x x 4 5 3
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Total Wrestling Entertainment is Australia's premier promotion. Established in 2005, Total Wrestling Entertainment made an impact on the Australian Wrestling scene by purchasing all the equipment from American Wrestling Promotion (ran by AOL Time Warner) WCW World Championship Wrestling's television program 'Nitro'.

The world class ring, cage and staging cemented our place in this industry by demonstrating the lengths we are willing to go in order to increate the presentation values of our events. No other promotion in the past had made these efforts.

The TWE roster includes some of the most talented wrestlers in the nation today. Our hand picked talent must meet our very high standards in overall wrestling ability, charisma, presentation (the list goes on).

Spectators know when going to a TWE Total Wrestling Entertainment event that you are guaranteed to see a great night of professional wrestling!

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