Location: Toronto And Sydney, Sydney
Country: Canada

Contact Number: +16046689003
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RUN!RUN!RUN! is a Motion Graphic design company specialized in video music for independent labels. RUN!RUN!RUN! is currently a freelance partner for "Biro Creative" (clients: Greenpeace, UN, MTV, Much Music ) and "We Were Monkeys" (clients: Dare to care Records, Fosbury records). RUN!RUN!RUN! special animation rule is total brainstorming and freedom of creativity and non logic connections of events; this style is comparable with "Paranoid Android" Radiohead, "Love song" Blur or "why does my heart feel so bad" Moby. there is a special deal valid untill november 07, for songs no longer than 3 minute and if the song is appreciated for a flat effordable fee! for more information and enquires visit the website
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