Geelong Fireworks
Location: Geelong, Geelong
Country: Australia

Contact Number: 0352443764
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Geelong Fireworks, leading experts in Outdoor and Indoor Fireworks for all events. We are innovators when it comes to Firework Displays, such as our Water Fireworks that we launch onto lakes, oceans etc for simply amazing effects. We have what the other companies want!
 In addition to Fireworks we offer more stunning effects: Confetti cannons, hand held and remote fired – from 1 cannon to 16 cannons! We offer metallic mylar, dissolvable confetti!, pom poms, pixie confetti etc.
Snow -Snow machines - REALISTIC falling snow and our Show Snow… Cold, Wet, Ski-able then just vacuum up!
Bubbles from a few to over 4000 a minture- including Gold and Blue glow in the dark bubbles!
Fog effects- we use the ORIGINAL DRY ICE machines for our effects, no home built models. Also we can offer SCENTED FOGS, both light and heavy layers…from apple – pina colada – rose! 
Our Awesome Remotely Controlled Flame Projects, beautifully hand
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