Lie Detector Events
Location: Sydney, All Of Nsw
Country: Australia

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The funniest new party event that will get everyone talking!
Are you COOL enough to beat a Lie Detector?
Could you convince me you're a............. AND get away with it?

At Lie Detector Events our clients are looking for something different, something fun and something entertaining to add that extra excitement to their special night that will be talked about for years to come. Add a huge amount of curiosity and you have a Lie Detector Event!

Our staff will set up our mock crime scene investigation area. Led by the chief investigator, your guests will be given an alias, then they will try to hold strong, calm and in character to try to beat the lie detector (polygraph) machine. Can they get away with it, or will they be convicted of fraud?

All the results go onto a leaderboard and the coolest cat liar who gets closest to beating the lie detector wins.
It requires nerves of steel.

Where else would you get to go on a professional polygraph machine? Its you versus the machine!

For a different fun party idea, book with Lie Detector Events

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