Theatresports Comedy (Theatre Sports)
Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Theatresports is fast funny, clean and fresh! Impro Australia (IA) is the corporate theatre organisation behind comedy favourites including Theatresports®, The Cranston Cup and Celebrity Theatresports®. (also known as Theatre Sports). IA has been entertaining the Australian public, business community and international clients for over 25 years. Performed around the world,

Theatresports® is a series of creative theatrical sketches, games and challenges based on surprise audience suggestions. Our performers create instant comedy scenes out of thin air. Improvised theatre is the basis for such television shows as Whose Line is it Anyway? and Thank God You're Here. Ideal as conference openers, these high-energy interactive stage shows grab audience attention immediately and don't let go! Theatresports® delivers a corporate message by engaging the audience in clever funny interactions ensuring that the content resonates and will be remembered. Employing Australia's champion improvising comedians, Impro Australia's Theatresports® shows are the original and still the best.

Brilliant comics create instant characters, hilarious stories and situation comedy for and about your specific audience. Every show is unique because the material is invented on-the-spot with the help of audience members. If you choose, we can invite random (or specific) guests on stage with us to appear in the sketches. Invited guests become the hero of the routine and the crowd delights in watching their coworker in the spotlight. It's fantastic as stand-alone comedy entertainment for any function. IA performers can also utilise members of the audience and make them the stars of the sketches on stage. Theatresports@ is great fun to watch, and even more enjoyable if you are participating.

IA is a respected corporate training provider as well. Our workshops demonstrate how the unique skills and group dynamic that makes professional Theatresports teams succeed, is directly transferrable to the business environment. Areas of expertise include Communication, Corporate Culture, Embedding Company Values, Creativity & Innovation. From clean clever MCs, audience warm-up, energisers and dinner show entertainment, to full improvised musicals based on your company's scenario or product, our versatile comedy squad is ready to blow your audience away with a one-of-a-kind performance.

How about we stage a broadway musical about your company or event? The possibilities are limitless. Enquire about our 'Thank God Here's Theatresports®' show similar to the popular TV show but starring a special guest from your audience. Testimonials: "Theatresports people are such finely trained improvisational athletes that no matter what you throw at them, they just bat it back." - Tom Gleisner, Thank God You're Here "The feedback from our sales staff has been excellent. They want your team back again for our next conference." - Hewlett Packard "Wonderful! They were enthralled, a big ask when entertaining our group of academics.

As soon as our people realised they were not going to be made fun of, they were all volunteering to get up on stage to perform with your actors. I've seen Theatresports® done before and your team are masters." - International Conference on Contemporary Business "The feedback I received about the 'Thank God Here's Theatresports' show was all glowing. Please thank the whole cast, we loved it!" - Veronica Lakin, OPTUS Human Resources Conference 2010 Impro Australia/Theatresports®; is an ideal choice for anyone searching for something unique in these areas: Comedy, Personal Development, Presentation Skills, After Dinner Entertainment, Audience Participation, Human Resources, Humour, Communication, Corporate Culture, Interactive Activities, Creativity & Innovation, Team-building, Cultural Change, Values and Entertainment. Our team can work any crowd on almost any stage.

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