Alexandra Holcbarova
Location: Baldivis, Perth
Country: Australia

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Alex is visionary and has the quality to bring out the best in people and uncover their full potential.

With more than 18 years of entrepreneurial experience in sectors ranging from consulting, events, hospitality and tourism, to leadership performance and business mentoring. She grew her own businesses in a range of different global markets including Europe, Thailand, Bahamas and now Australia.

Alexandra is highly experienced in the preparation of success coaching and business strategies to help clients achieve sustainable growth. She has an amazing and thriving team of experienced mentors, marketers and developers.  Alexandra loves to work with people and knows how important it is to be educated in human behaviour, thinking and profiling to achieve higher performance in any industry and any career path. 

With the ongoing study of human behaviour, thinking and neurolinguistic programming she has shaped her international and multicultural business experience into a mentoring profession with extra focus on high performance and the creative implementation of strategic thinking and business strategies.

She has decided to share her experience and knowledge with leaders and entrepreneurs and help them to perform and achieve desired outcomes

She is passionate about topics like how to become a conscious human being. better leader, strategic thinker.

- Importance of self-awareness 

- How to increase your performance in business, life or leadership

- Thoughtful leaders - Lead by Example

- How to increase your strategic thinking

- Success Principles 

- Mindset, Inspiration or Motivation


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