Crime does not pay
Location: Lambton, Newcastle
Country: Australia

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My Name is Graham Henry or as I was known in the Sydney Underworld as "Abo Henry".
If you think that crime pays in the long run, then you need me to tell you the cold hard facts about a life of crime and why it doesn’t pay. I ran in the Underworld for 25 years and in that time I robbed armored trucks and sold drugs and harmed many other criminals. They in return repaid me by trying to take my life on 14 occasions.
But I lived to be able to tell you about this life, and I want to deter anyone from crime weather it be corporate people, or high school children who may think that crime is an easy way out to make a living.
I have written a book which was published last year called ABO A TREACHEROUS LIFE. Abo Henry was my nickname and no I am not aboriginal, I am Spanish and Australian mixed with a bit of English.
I am available for anyone interested in preventing crime like Armored Money carriers, to corporate people who may have the inkling to steal from a company that they work for. And what I will have to tell you will certainly change your mind about doing so.
School children also need to listen to my life story and listen to what I have to say about taking this life up for a living, it is only a waste of a life and one you should avoid at all costs. Youth Groups, Corporate people, businessmen, and security firms and people from all walks of life who think their is an easy way out by stealing from your employee's should take a look at what lays in stall for you down the line because the end result is you will come unstuck and prison is not a place for the feint of heart.
I spent many years in prison for violence mainly, and all these things like violence to get you through life will only ever harm you big time if you pursue this course in your life. Let me take you on a journey one I lived through and help change your mind.
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