David Leon, leadership and productivity
Location: Australasia, Auckland Based
Country: New Zealand

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Having presented in 7 different countries, David Leon has inspired and assisted thousands of people around the world. David Leon delivers amazing results every single time he steps on to a stage.

David Leon has covered a broad variety of topics including amongst others: success and top performance strategies, diverse corporate training events and business and property investing. Whatever your business or customer needs, David will deliver it.


"Dear David,
Thank you so much for addressing McDonald’s Operations on Monday 7th June 2011.
Although our team is hugely passionate about our brand, we felt we needed an additional injection of enthusiasm and leadership to carry us through some challenging times.
With very little brief provided to you, we were excited to receive your delivery on maximising our performance to be the best we can be, and we were not disappointed!
Our team thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Within just one hour you re-ignited our motivation, pushed our boundaries and after smashing through solid wood, we were left feeling unstoppable and ready to take on the world!
Thank you once again David, your energy is contagious!
Yours sincerely
Sandra Davison
McDonald’s NZ Ltd Franchising

“As part of my work I am undertaking leadership and team development with various offices and the Asian region, for which I have been researching quality materials/methodology/philosophy. As I mentioned, the great thing about your slides is that you touched on all relevant areas: values, styles, philosophy, in a way that I haven't seen someone point everything together before” H. Gibbons, International Development Manager, Green Peace

David's journey and story will inspire you...

David's journey from his humble beginnings to touching thousands of people's lives with his thoughts, ideas and philosophy will motivate you and push you to get out of your comfort zone and achieve higher new goals.

Audiences fall captivated within seconds of listening to David Leon’s wise beyond his years and powerful words. The PASSION conveyed with every phrase and every story will keep you on the edge of your seat longing for more. Your personal, financial, professional, physical and relationship conceptions and goals will never be the same again after just one short session. You will be left wondering how you could have ever lived without comprehending such universal truths.

David's vision is "to teach worldwide proven strategies to improve YOUR life"

David Leon will personally make sure that in every presentation delivered, we will introduce several strategies that can potentially improve the way you live your life forever whether financially, professionally, spirituality or physically.

David Leon will only prepare and deliver materials and presentations which will induce massive improvements in audiences.

David Leon is not a motivational speaker. David teaches specific strategies that will take your life or business to a completely new level. David Leon will also deliver his presentation in a way in which he will maximize positive response out of the whole audience during and after the seminar.

Why should YOU use David Leon for your next presentation?

1. Experienced facilitator
2. Proven profit making topics
3. Depth of content
4. Success measurable techniques
5. The highest business ethics in the business
6. Focus on YOU, the client 100%
7. We can tailor our presentation to meet YOUR needs
8. Satisfaction guaranteed
9. Cutting edge content
10. Contagious PASSION

An experienced events coordinator can be provided as an extra charge if required. Please enquire about it if needed at the time of booking. We want to make sure that the event will run smoothly and this will assure your experience will be unforgettable.

"I found the seminar inspiring. David delivered an amazing amount of content, which can only be described as life changing. I would recommend this seminar to anyone, anywhere" T. Lee, EC Mortgages, London

How Do I Know If It Is For Me?

1. If you want to increase your productivity
2. If You want more out of life
3. If you want more out of your business and employees
4. If you want real answers for the real world
5. If you value business and life expertise
6. If you believe in knowledge to achieve goals
7. If you want to increase your bottom line
8. If you want to be entertained while you learn...

...Then David Leon is definitely the right choice for you. Your investment will be returned hundreds of times after listening to David's strategies. Thousands of people have already experienced and taken advantage of his techniques, don't procrastinate and organize your next conference now.

You have three great options:

1. 90 Minutes Presentation
2. 1 Day Presentation (9 to 5)
3. What You Wish You Knew Tropical islands - 5 Day Seminar

90 Minutes Presentation
This seminar is just like fuel to your business and your employees. Employees are usually so busy working on their daily duties that they tend to forget to periodically sit back and think about what, why and how they do what they do. This event is specifically designed to challenge everyone in your business and to fuel positive changes within the organization. Critical and creative thinking will take center stage and your business will experience an amazing positive transformation.

Your business is just like a human being, it needs nourishment to grow and to flourish. And like any other human being, your business can only do two things: Grow or Decay. There is no middle ground for people or business, you either keep moving forward and grow or you start dying. Good leaders appreciate this concept and keep investing in new educational content that will both challenge and inspire their employees and their business.

The Agenda (subject to change):

1. The problem of “Lack of Thinking” in today’s world
2. Aligning you and your team’s values and believes system
3. Developing Creativity & Leadership
4. Strategies to shake your daily routines
5. Maximizing your life’s potential
6. Success in life in ten simple steps
7. Daily “Richuals” to create massive positive change
8. Understanding what your brain can achieve
9. and much, much more....

1 Day Presentation
Morning to Lunch (9 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.)

1. The New Business Paradigm
2. What do you know about your business?
3. Developing Creativity & Leadership
4. Strategies to shake your daily routines
5. NLP at work
6. Successful Communication
7. Daily “Richuals” to create massive positive change
8. and much, much more....

After Lunch 1.30 p.m. till End

1. Understanding what your brain can achieve
2. Effective goal setting (the secret ingredient)
4. Looking forward to success
5. and much, much more....

What You Wish You Knew TROPICAL ISLANDS - 5 Day Event

Top performers need to be rewarded in different ways to the rest. What have you done lately for your best employees? Are you rewarding them and letting them grow so that they can keep over achieving in life? What You Wish You Knew Tropical Islands Corporate is designed to achieve these two goals: Reward success and Personal and Business development.

The main question that I get asked by business owners before they book on to this event is: What’s in it for me?

There are plenty on answers to the question, but here are the main ones as an easy to read list:

1. Increased motivation
2. Get key staff to learn cutting edge strategies that will improve their life (& therefore your business)
3. Maximize performance
4. Show your top performers that you care and respect their work
5. Create a better Team
6. Come up with new avenues to grow your business
7. Relax and De-Stress your key staff
8. Use it as a reward to motivate employees to achieve more
9. Promote a healthy & productive work environment

Imagine yourself and your key team members learning life changing strategies in a lush, tropical paradise. You will be spending 5 days with me, David Leon in the fabulous Cook Islands (other locations worldwide available if required). Combine the power of the message of the What You Wish You Knew Seminar with the peaceful beauty of Rarotonga and you get a winning combination.

“I always read my feedback forms after all the events I present on and I usually get one common remark. People value a relaxed learning environment more than anything else. Everyone needs to feel comfortable and relax in order to learn and grow. People get their best ideas, their moments of inspiration when they are fully relaxed and energized. This is what I wanted to achieve with this exclusive, one of a kind event. I personally adore Rarotonga and what it has to offer. I have come up with some of my best ideas in this magical island, and I want to offer a group of motivated achievers the same opportunity.” David Leon

5 Days of sunshine, friendship, fun and real life strategies that are sure to change your life. This is what this seminar promises. It is not short from spectacular and you will be talking about it to your friends for years to come. We will spend several hours of each of the 5 days together learning and sharing extremely valuable techniques, tools and strategies that will change the way you live your life. I will make sure that you still get enough time every single day to enjoy the sunshine and what the island has to offer while you practice and assimilate the essence of the day’s learning experience.

Some of the experiences that you will enjoy (subject to change)

1. Fire walk experience (everyone will walk on fire in this unique experience)
2. Board Breaking Exercise (everyone will break through a solid timber board) or arrow break
3. Detox (the first 3 days will be of complete detox, the last 2 will be less strict)
4. Morning meditation (Everyone, everyday to start the day right)
5. Power Breakfast (We will all have breakfast together in a unique style)
6. and many more.....

Success stories are not born, they are made. They are made through a combination of hard work and advanced strategies like the ones you will learn in this one of a kind seminar. An event manager will help you with the booking and reservations process. Other Tropical locations also available upon request.

I look forward to making your goals a reality

David Leon

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