Dennis Moore
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Dennis Moore - Australia's Fun Specialist

About Dennis

How did one Sydney based company grow from 2 to 44 people in just over 4 years with an annual turnover of $130M through harnessing the Power of Fun to use as a business growth tool?
Would you like to do business with someone, with a sense of humour or without?

Dennis H Moore has a unique background travelling Australia’s showgrounds, carnivals and fairs with his family’s sideshow attractions, where they made a living out of providing fun and entertainment to people, the main one being the Touring Boxing Tent. He also had a plastering business employing 22 people and worked as a consultant, leading teams, in Architects offices nationally and overseas.

Today his specialty is adjusting attitudes to bring life and energy into business. Dennis, author of ‘Making Fun Work’ - How your business can profit from the Power of Fun, is a change agent and will share with you important tools and methods that change the culture of business by engaging staff and clients, and these are delivered in a high energy, entertaining, and thought provoking session. Learn how you can harness the Power of Fun to use as a business and personal growth tool.

Take away benefits for Business and Life:

• Increased Productivity - Creativity - Commitment
• Profit by retention – save $100K’s on recruitment & training
• Reduced work/life stress and tension (less sick days)
• Greater communication and relationships with clients and employees
• Practical tips and techniques to introduce
Fun into business and life
• Improved health and energy
• Minimise client/employee negativity

 Speaking Topics

Every Player Wins a Prize

When Dennis talks about his background on the showgrounds, with various side shows including the family Boxing Tent, (everyone loved Showtime/Carnival time), people go back to a great time in their life which puts them in a frame of mind ready to receive a message.

This message comes from the attitudes and disciplines gained from the showgrounds and the boxing arena which are associated with a NEW scope of vision.

An entertaining talk that has empowered many people.

The Funny Line will Raise the Bottom Line

There should be a Corporate culture in the workplace in which fun and humour are encouraged.

Learn how Fun: Reduces stress …. Promotes attendance, increases productivity. and much more.

Find out how the Funny line can increase your bottom  line and help propel you to the top of your business more quickly. Business leaders are embracing the fun factor because  they have woken up to the fact that .......  It Works.

It will work for you personally and in your business!

Fun in Relationships

Fun in your personal life and relationships is fundamental to maintaining them long term. ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~ said: “If I had no sense of humour, I would long ago have committed suicide“.

Research has shown that Fun improves your health and the immune system.

Fun and humour facilitates communication, builds relationships, reduces stress, provides perspective, promotes attendance, keeps you healthy and energises.

We all need to have our funny bone sharpened so we can enjoy our business and personal lives more richly. This talk opens up the lighter side relationships and business which ultimately improves your relationship & business life.

 As we Think so we Become

We all need the three P’s in our life:

Passion, Positiveness and Preparation. When these all come together we become a force to be reckoned with. One person with Passion is greater than 100 people with just an interest.

Being Positive is fundamental

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