Ali Uren: Business Innovation and Leadership
Location: Adelaide
Country: Australia

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Ali Uren: Business Innovation & Leadership

Ali Uren is a leading business strategist who takes an innovative, non-beige approach to business strategy, tactics and leadership.

For more than a decade, Ali has been at the helm of Kiikstart: a training and consulting service for organisations and individuals that is raising the bar in business learning and development.

Throughout her career, Ali has worked in partnership with more than 50 businesses, including coveted professional services companies, universities, lifestyle, tourism & hospitality, and food & wine brands as a tactical partner. From boosting sales, to improving a company’s reputation, staff morale and client interaction, Ali presents practical, measurable tactics for achieving results, rather than top level strategy alone.

A larger-than-life character, Ali is a refreshingly entertaining speaker, offering a fun and contemporary alternative to the often-staid business talks you may have heard in the past.

You’ll leave her talk feeling energised, and equipped with the practical ideas you need to motivate action and catalyse change in your business or organisation.


About Ali

With a background spanning the retail and higher education sectors working for the likes of The Body Shop in London, Maverick Retailers and TAFE SA, it’s little wonder that Ali is allergic to business as usual.

Instead, she is a firm believer in the need for constant evolution in business in a fast-changing and increasingly globalised world. When mentoring businesses through her current role with Kiikstart, Ali places great emphasis on physical customer experience.

Prior to launching Kiikstart in 2008, Ali ran The Retailing Edge: a consulting service supporting businesses with their sales, recruitment, marketing and client care.

Based in Eden Valley, South Australia, Ali works with national and international businesses and organisations to boost their performance and ensure their success both now and into the future.

She is a regular speaker and MC at conferences, seminars, plenary sessions, public presentations and workshops throughout the country, as well as internationally.


What company leaders say about Ali

“Ali is by far one of the most engaging and popular presenters, and as a result we have confidently continued to appoint her to develop new and customised workshops to meet our ever changing industry needs.” – Roz Becker, Service Excellence Manager, SA Tourism Industry Council

Ali’s style enabled me to challenge my thinking, articulate my goals, and most importantly, focus my attention on my strengths.  Ali was able to help me address my fears, concerns and perceived weaknesses. Being able to have honest and safe conversations about these issues allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my own leadership style and business acumen.  Working with Ali was a unique and highly rewarding experience.” – Christine Van Niekerk, Director – Private Advisory, Grant Thornton

“Ali’s enthusiasm, experience and knowledge make her the perfect person to prompt new ways of thinking about how we would service the current and new wave of visitors to our region. Sessions are interactive, energetic and fun, and the outcomes are always positive and rejuvenating.” – Glen Christie, Tourism & Events Manager, Regional Council Port Pirie

“CBS have had a positive and ongoing relationship with Kiikstart for over 5 years. Kiikstart have assisted us with workforce development workshops and coaching that has assisted with increased competitiveness and client outcomes.” – Darren Gibbins, Jobnet Regional Manager – Metro, CBS

“Ali understands the changing needs of our business, ensuring we remain relevant, viable and valued by our community and tourism industry. She’ll keep you accountable too!” – Jo Seabrook, Manager Tourism Services, Barossa Council


Presentation Topics

- To Market We Go: Designed for fledgling entrepreneurs and experienced marketers alike, this presentation is a practical and entertaining ‘how to’ guide for getting a new product, idea or campaign to market.

 Available for presentations of 1.5 hours, 3 hours (a half day) or 6 hours (a full day). 

- Why a Start-up Mentality is Essential: Whether you come from a large-scale, established corporation, or a smaller organisation, this presentation is designed to shake up your thinking. This no-minced-words talk makes a compelling case for adopting a start-up mentality. Trust us, you’ll reap the rewards.

 Available for presentations of 1.5 hours, 3 hours (a half day) or 6 hours (a full day). 

- Building Business Efficiency: In this insightful presentation, Ali cuts through the jargon, and talks practical tactics for cutting costs and minimising waste in your business or organisation. This presentation is suited to companies of all sizes, and employees at all levels.

 Available for presentations of 1.5 hours, 3 hours (a half day) or 6 hours (a full day).

- Evolving Service Experience: In a fast-changing world, this talk gives you the tools to modernise your service experience and create end-to-end interactions that will keep you ahead of the pack.  Learn how to troubleshoot gaps in experiential design and execution, identify skill gaps, and discover key tactics for end-to-end experience that will benefit your brand and customer.

 Available for presentations of 1.5 hours, 3 hours (a half day) or 6 hours (a full day). 

- Top-Down Innovation: How can leaders create a working environment that encourages creativity and innovation? Discover the power of positive leadership – and real tools and tactics for being a positive leader in your workplace.

Available for presentations of 1.5 hours, 3 hours (a half day) or 6 hours (a full day).

- Why Innovation Doesn’t Stop with Tech: Think technology is the key to success in business? Think again. In this thought-provoking presentation for companies of all sizes, discover the power of human connectedness – and its important role in innovation and a better bottom line. Find out where to look for innovative inspiration based on real-life business examples, and learn the mindset that will support you to develop a more imaginative brand.

Available for presentations of 1.5 hours, 3 hours (a half day) or 6 hours (a full day).

- Strategy Nonsense: Is the traditional strategic plan a failure? In this no holes barred presentation, Ali says it absolutely is! Instead, she offers up a proven nine-point plan for business success. This is a must-hear talk for people responsible for writing plans or paying other people to write them on their company’s behalf.

Available for presentations of 1.5 hours, 3 hours (a half day) or 6 hours (a full day).


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Love Ali’s talks?

If you love Ali’s presentations and want to continue your learning post-talk, consider Ali’s virtual scholar mentoring program. The one-on-one program provides the opportunity for ongoing learning and support. Utilise Ali as a creative sounding board for your business or organisation. Unlike other programs, you’ll be kept accountable, with measurable benchmarks designed to track your performance.


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