John Dwyer - Wow Factor Marketing
Location: Lakeview Downs, Gold Coast
Country: Australia

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John is renowned as being one of Australia’s foremost business marketeers. His sales-stimulating marketing ideas for businesses both small and large, have blown the lid off conventional marketing thinking. He subscribes to the theory that one’s marketing should have “wow factor” and this mantra is obvious in everything he does.

In the early 80’s, John organised the famous 2SM radio station Rocktober Festivals, the large outdoor rock concerts in Sydney. He became Promotions Manager for Roselands Shopping Centre then National Marketing Manager for the Woolworths Company.

In the mid-80’s, John established his own advertising agency called Dynamic Ideas and boasted clients such as News Ltd, KFC, McDonald’s, 7 Eleven, Coca-Cola and Caltex.

In the mid 90’s, John entered the trading card market, taking over from where Scanlon’s bubble-gum left off.  And in just his first year of producing the Rugby League bubble-gum football cards, he grew product sales from $2 million to $12 million retail in just one year!

John sold his advertising and trading card business in the mid 90’s and concentrated on producing a ground breaking, feelgood television program called, Dreams Can Come True for the Ten Network. Hosted by Daryl Braithwaite, the series revolved around delivering surprise “dreams” to needy people. John’s “wow factor philosophy” once again came to the fore, with him convincing the likes of Michael Jordan, Princess Di, Paul Hogan, Meatloaf and even Steven Spielberg, to contribute to delivering wonderful surprises to worthwhile recipients.

Since the late 90’s, John has provided his marketing advice to businesses of all sizes.

Testament to John’s marketing prowess is his recent coup, getting Jerry Seinfeld to be the spokesperson for the Greater Building Society’s advertising campaigns. (The Greater Building Society being one of John’s clients.) Given that Jerry has only ever appeared in two other advertising campaigns, American Express and Microsoft, even John admits that this was “the wow of all wows!”

It’s no surprise that John’s marketing consultancy business is called The Institute Of Wow. With a wealth of experience and successful case studies behind him, John now provides his marketing advisory services to businesses via Coaching Programs.

He released his first book in August 2012, the Wow Manifesto – and in typical “JD style,” it is very different from every other book on the market. It is a GIGANTIC tabloid size book, over 200 pages, a puffy leather-type cover and gold embossed lettering. In this book, John reveals his 10 Point Wow Manifesto Marketing System, detailing what every business owner or manager should implement to dramatically increase their customer base. (Have attached a photo of the book)


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