Lorraine Pirihi - Keynote Speaker
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Meet the Office Organiser
Now you and your team can get totally organised and start saving time and money. Lorraine Pirihi will show you how to cope with the paper work, increase sales and lower those stress levels.

A dynamic presenter and productivity specialist, Lorraine will help you and your team get organised for success.

Presentation Outline

  • ? Clutter Busting! Creating order out of chaos
  • Is Your Office Making You Sick? How to have a healthier and happier work environment
  • How to Communicate with the Opposite Sex What she needs to know to get her point across and how he needs to listen.
  • Is Your Desktop a Disaster Area?

    We'll show you how to process
    the paperwork in YOUR OWN inimitable style!

  • Managing Time Effectively!!! Discover the no. 1 secret to gaining an extra hour in your day.
  • The Grand Plan How to organize your working day so you can have a life!
  • Want It and I Want It Now!!! How to find what you need, when you need it, in a filing system that thinks like you do
  • The Email Evolution How to cope with the information overload

    What Benefits Will Your Organisation Gain from Lorraine's Presentation?
    Before you presented your program, some of our managers were flat-out working long hours and feeling totally stressed. The simple strategies and ideas you shared with us have made a big impact on them.

    They are still very busy, except, now they can control their workloads more effectively and use their time more wisely¿.
    Tania Dennis
    Administrative Assistant
    Supply Australasia
    BP Australia Limited

    Your How to Have Less Mess, Less Stress and More Success workshop has given our staff useful practical tools to better manage their time and desks.

    Your practical advice is being put into practice with noticeable effect.
    Thank you for helping us manage the information flow instead of being swamped by a sea of paper¿.
    Geoff Barrow Director,
    Services Development & Planning
    Hobsons Bay City Council

    Thank you for your great time saving ideas ¿ simple and easy to implement.
    Deborah Borg
    Human Resources Manager
    Dow Chemicals

    "You'll do so much you'll be surprised, when we get you organised"

    How to Have
    Less Mess, Less Stress
    And More Success

    Lorraine Pirihi is a professional organiser, conference speaker, trainer author and highly in demand consultant. Her business The Office Organiser specialises in showing busy people how to spend less time in the office and more time doing the things they really want and need to do.

    In sharing her secrets, Lorraine talks about ¿How to Create Order Out of Chaos, How to Gain an Extra Hour in Your Day¿ and ¿How to Cut Costs Without Cutting Your Own Throat.

    She presents a humorous and practical approach to getting organised.

    With a Bachelor of Experience, a PHD in Commonsense and a Masters in Results, Lorraine is Australia's expert on how to Get Organised and Get a Life (which is also the title of her best-selling book).

    Lorraine is a past committee member of the National Speakers Association of Australia as well as being an Accredited Speaking Member.

    "If you want less mess, less stress and more success, this presentation is for you.

    How to Motivate and Educate Your Team

    Want to increase morale and productivity amongst your team members without spending heaps of dollars?

    Need to entertain, motivate and educate your association or club members?

    Find it difficult to source entertaining, motivating and educational speakers for your conference or function?

    Lorraine Pirihi, Principal of The Office Organiser who is also an Accredited Member of the National Speakers Association of Australia , h

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