Rueben Taylor
Location: Perth
Country: Australia

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About Rueben Taylor 

Since 2000, Rueben Taylor has worked with Perth business owners helping them improve their profitability, cash flow and build the value of their business. He has helped his clients free up their valuable time and eliminate the stress of running their business.

Using the principles he teaches, Rueben propelled his infant business from $800K pa to $3.0M pa in just 2.5 years… and became the #1 ActionCOACH Firm Globally by August 2006 out of dozens of Coaching Firms around the globe. At one stage he had a stake in 12 franchises before selling the majority of these off by February 2009 so he could enjoy a more lifestyle business, with a select group of premium business clients.

Here is Rueben’s story…

Rueben started his career as an engineer... and it was while he was studying he started his first business – breeding tropical fish. It was there Rueben realised how to truly add value... selling his fish around Australia for 3 times the price the average breeder would get. 3 years after graduating Rueben came across personal development when his best friend suggested he check out a program called Money and You. The event gave Rueben a real wakeup call and shortly after the event, he sat down and created a blue print for his life – to create his wealth in his late 20s / early 30s, to start a family in his mid 30s and to focus on philanthropy and giving some of his wealth away in his 40s.

Rueben couldn’t see this happening as an engineer so he fast-tracked the completion of his MBA and quite quickly discovered he had a passion and talent for business. After a couple of years in business consulting, he knew he had to take control of his future and get into his own business. It was at this time he discovered business coaching. Rueben bought his first franchise with ActionCOACH in 2000 and since that time has helped hundreds of Perth businesses realise their full potential. Along the way Rueben’s business has picked up 15 Asia Pacific and 9 Global Franchise Awards, as well as being Runner Up for the FCA Western Australian Franchise of the Year 2010.

A dynamic, inspiring teacher who knows how to make the complex simple, Rueben knows how to create real bottom line results for businesses. The principles Rueben teaches enabled him to become a millionaire at age 30 and help many of his clients’ retire from their businesses. Rueben’s passion is to teach business owners to create wealth through business as he believes entrepreneurs can respond quicker and make a lasting difference to solve some of the world’s problems. It was with this vision he founded the Meridian Global Foundation whose mission is to ‘Inspire Philanthropy’ and provides expertise and resources to children’s education projects around the world.

Well over 300 Perth business owners have now experienced firsthand the various coaching programs that Rueben has to offer… in fact his 1-2-1 coaching clients have experienced an average of 83% improvement on their bottom line in the last 12 months… if you want your business to be the best… you need to be coached by the best, this experience will transform your business and your life. 

Guest Speaker

Rueben is available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year for your next conference, association or business event.


Choose from the following topics or Rueben can work with you to create an amazing presentation for your next event:

• Work less / Stress less: 6 Steps to Creating a Successful Business That Can Work Without You (how to create a profitable, sustainable business)

• 5 Steps to Super Profits (sales and marketing – profit focus)

• 6 Keys to a Winning Team (team / leadership focus)

• Adding A Zero: How to Become a Dominant Player in Your Industry (vision / thinking big)

• 5 Keys to Peak Performance as a Business Owner (keys to personal success)

• Business Wealth Blueprint: How to become a millionaire through your business (how to create wealth through business)

• Time Mastery: How to Free up 5 Hours a Week in Your Business (time management)

• Finance Mastery: Business Financial Statements Simplified (understanding financials)

• Cashflow Mastery: Simple Strategies to Drive Cash in Your Business (cashflow)

•Creating Raving Fans – How to Turn Your Customers into Your Best Sales People (customer service)


“Rueben has been instrumental in changing the thinking of many business owners within the membership by sharing his step by step formula for business success. All feedback we have received has been positive and we know that members are implementing his strategies for better business.”
Shannon Daniels, President - WA Cleaning Council

“Rueben presented to members of the AICWA and entertained members and put forward concepts to help them achieve financial freedom through their business. His knowledge, energy and presentation skills are second to none. He certainly provided our members with some sound guidance to assist them in growing their business to be more financial and we really appreciate the support Rueben has offered all members of the AICWA.”
Sarah McDonald - Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA

“Rueben spoke to our members at one of our breakfast meetings. It was clear from the start that Rueben was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about making business work more efficiently. He had the whole audience deeply enthralled and interested in his practical and insightful strategies. All who attended got great benefit out of the openly shared advice and agreed that this had been one of the most useful talks given at a breakfast meeting in a very long time. In fact two members have since attended further workshops and are planning on meeting with Rueben to further dissect their own businesses. The MDBA would have no hesitation in recommending Rueben's services to interested parties and having him speak again in the future.”
Anthea Tsakisiris, Executive Officer - Malaga & Districts Business Association

“What a great session! Rueben in his energetic way outlined to the business owners how they can improve their bottom line. The business owners I spoke to afterwards were very impressed with the presentation.”
Eric Maroni – Commonwealth Bank


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