Small Business Champion, Mr Gavin Waring
Location: Sydney, Sydney, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Australia’s Small Business Champion, Gavin Waring is the CEO of Your Business Angels, a group that has for the last 15 years developed solutions that support and strengthen struggling SME’s. The group is made up of three key solution providers: Your Business Angels, Fresh Numbers and My Paperwork People. Your Business Angels will restore the vitality, viability and dignity of a business and its stakeholders through financial, structural and business rehabilitation. Fresh Numbers, an accounting firm, are the developers of a product offering a business “fresh numbers” in order to help measure performance as well as make decisions required to move a business forward. My Paperwork People enables small traders working for themselves (of which there are over 1.25 million in Australia), to have their bookkeeping and accounting services completed in one simple fee. Gavin has recently published “Now NOT To Commit Business Suicide” a refreshingly honest glimpse helping businesses to understand the simple steps that must be taken to survive in the difficult and hostile business environment in Australia. Gavin’s insight is heartfelt and supported by 25 years of business experience and personal heartache. Gavin Waring presents ideas and plans for SME’s using unique and frank dialogue that is both stirring for the audience, and challenges conventions. He has been described as someone who is not scared to “state the bleeding obvious”.

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