Speaker John Dwyer
Location: Gold Coast But Speaks Nationally And Internationally, Mitcham

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Types of Clients: It is a very wide net: Retail, shopping centers, Accountants, Financial institutions, Media, newspapers & Radio, pest control, manufacturing, Groupon, Insurance companies. He has worked with Small to medium businesses and Corporate Clients. Where has he spoken: Shopping centers, other well known speakers stages, Industry Associations ie Accountants, financial planners, banks, his own monthly events, via relationships with past event promoters What is he looking for: He loves adding value to any business in any industry and wants them to stand out and be different and he teaches them his proven direct response marketing system and how to Wow their most profitable target market, find their unique selling point and have their marketing solve people's problems and create a message to market match in their marketing campaigns, then create repetitive trade. If you’d like to view a short video of snippets of John's presentations, simply go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=acYc1J2BYvs Also take a look at www.thebusinesswhisperer.com.au Case studies and references: http://iow.iaccommodation.com.au/case-studies/ TOPICS His signature speech is “Wow Client Attraction” presentation (which is all about Marketing and he presents one day workshops on this every month to crowded rooms) and he has also recently gained interest from Convention Organisers with his “new” presentation – “If Disney Ran Your Business, What Would It Look Like?” He has worked with Disney for over 25 years & have attended numerous “Disney Courses” in Orlando - & the “Disney” extraordinary customer EXPERIENCE subject appears to be a real winner with companies & industries organising conventions THE BRIEF BACKGROUND TO THE DISNEY PRESENTATION IS: How to deliver “Extraordinary Disney-Style Customer EXPERIENCES” – rather than just providing “good customer service”. Having worked with the Disney company for over 25 years I have a valuable insight into their culture. Last year, JD joined forces with an ex-senior Disney Manager of Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando and ran a series of business events throughout Australia titled “If Disney Ran Your Business, What Would It Look Like?” These events were booked out in every capital city, demonstrating that business owners certainly want to know the magic formula that Disney has when it comes to “customer experiences!” Disney doesn't believe in providing “good customer service” - they claim that every business should be doing that anyway. Disney believes in providing extraordinary, knock your socks off, never seen before CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES. More information re this theme: John Dwyer – The Institute Of Wow – Presenting “If Disney Ran Your Business, What Would It Look Like?” John is renowned as Australia’s leading “direct-marketing expert”, boasting clients such as News Ltd, Westfield, Channel 9, Madura Tea, Fairfax, the NRL & 7 Eleven – just to name a few. His marketing mantra is that any business should provide a “wow” to prospects & clients, the aim being to take their eyes off the price. Having worked with the Disney company over many years, John will be showing attendees “how” they can adopt the same “customer experience” tactics as Disney in Leadership, Customer Service & Dreaming Big! He has provided his unique “wow marketing system” to many different businesses & understands the needs & challenges that today’s businesses face. He’s going to knock your socks off with ideas that will help you attract more clients & strategies of how to keep them forever! (he knows all about “lifetime value!”) John consulted to the Greater Building Society for a dozen years & was responsible for the loan book multiplying many times over. He scored the “marketing coup of all coups” when he convinced superstar, Jerry Seinfeld, to be the financial institution’s spokesperson in recent years. So yes, he knows all about “thinking BIG!” He’s going to show you “how” to think way outside the square, “Disney-style” - & how “wow factors” need to be part of your everyday client service! One thing’s for sure – you’re going to go back to your business with a renewed spring in your step!! This will be one presentation where you’ll be saying “WOW!” Audio Visual Requirements: Projector, Mic and headset
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