Tansel Ali
Location: Melbourne, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Tansel Ali is an Australian Memory Champion dedicated to improving the lives of individuals through Advanced Learning and Personal Development.

Tansel’s impressive list of credentials keep growing:

  • He has memorised the entire A-K and L-Z Sydney Yellow Pages phone directory display advertising. That is over 2000 business names and 18,000+ digits
  • In his first World Memory Championship he broke an amazing 5 Australian Memory Records for a total of 6. This was the highest number of records anyone ever had.
  • Achieving the status of ‘Grandmaster of Memory’ in memorising a deck of randomly shuffled playing cards under 3 minutes at the World Memory Championships, Malaysia 2003! A title very few people in the world have today. 
  • Tansel has been Australian Memory Sports number 1 in 2003 & 2004 with a championship score of 3369 in the World Memory Championships and silver medallist in the 2002, 2003 & 2006 Australian Memory Championships  and winner in the 2008 Australian Memory Championships
  • In 2006 he was a finalist for Role Model of the Year at the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards in Sydney for his outstanding contribution to the community in the field of personal development, mentoring and advanced learning. 
  • Tansel has been featured around the world and nationally on TV ( 7PM Project , Sunrise, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, SalamCafe) radio (NOVA, Triple M, 2UE, 2GB, 1116 SEN, 3AW, SBS, SynFM, and more) and a wide variety of newspapers (The Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Herald-Sun, MX, and much more)  
  • In just 2 months, Tansel coached a 14 year old student to break 3 junior memory records and become 5th in Australia in the 2006 Australian Memory Championships. He then went on to make appearances on Television and radio throughout Australia.

Tansel now spends his time dedicated to developing others to become successful by showing them record breaking strategies and tools. His ten years experience in both technical and soft skills training lead the way in developing quality personal development services.
Tansel provides services to:

  • Corporate & Business Professionals
  • Schools and Education Centres 
  • General Public 
  • Training professionals

Tansel's aims are:

  • To help people achieve their goals to become successful
  • To make training an effective and valuable resource 
  • To help organisations save time and money 
  • To motivate and inspire others 
  • To make the most out of using our brain 
  • To make learning a fun experience where it can be applied to all aspects of life
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