Bianca Chatfield
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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The youngest ever netballer to play more than 100 games in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy, Bianca started playing netball at the age of 11 and has continued to play the sport ever since. Bianca’s passion and dedication has seen her become one of Australia’s most successful netballers’ and not to mention a positive role model for the sport.

Bianca currently co-captains the Melbourne Vixens and is a vital ingredient in their intimidating world class defensive lineup, as evidenced by her skills displayed in their grand final victory over the Thunderbirds, capping off a fantastic 2009 season. Prior to playing with the Vixens, Bianca spent 7 years at the Phoenix and enjoyed the success at the club winning four Premierships. At 189cm, Bianca plays the role of goal keeper & goal defence and is one of the most feared defenders in the world. Adding to her already impressive resume, Bianca has been involved in 37 international tests, and has played 165 games in the national league.

Bianca’s love of sport continued into her professional career completing a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Education to become a Physical Education teacher. Off the court Bianca also writes a weekly column in the Herald Sun, has a weekly spot on Sport 927 breakfast show and has regular appearances on SEN and ABC radio. Continuing her passion to be involved in sport & education, Bianca is also an Ambassador for Smart Connection Training (SCT) where her role is to assist SCT in communicating the importance of high quality training in the sports, recreation and fitness arenas. Bianca is also an Ambassador for Greyhound Racing Victoria, The Almond Board of Australia & Puma.


Melbourne Vixens Captain (Premiership Captain of Melbourne Vixens 2009, 2014)

Australian Diamonds (Australian Diamonds Squad Member 2001 2014)

World Champion (World Championship Gold Medal 2007)

Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist 2014 (Vice Captain)

Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist 2006

Melbourne Phoenix Premiership Player 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005

Bachelor of Education and Human Movement

Diploma of Management

Bianca grew up in Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula, loving sport, - any sport.

Netball seemed to work, blessed with height (189cm) and her love for playing a team sport worked alongside her competitive nature.

Netball is her passion and it has taught Bianca much about life as well as forming her personality and stature on and off the court. The key for Bianca is living a balanced life.

Bianca is passionate about sharing her experiences with others, whether that be through netball coaching, speaking engagements, running leadership workshops or mentoring sessions.

Career highlights:

World championships (NZ, 2007)

Commonwealth Games (Melbourne 2006) Silver medal

Commonwealth Games (Glasgow 2014) Gold medal

Six premierships with Melbourne

Bianca’s working life away from the court includes working with a wide variety of groups and individuals. Bianca is a big advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, surrounding yourself with great people, leadership, Women in Sport and thoroughly enjoys working with younger girls and school children coming up through the ranks.


Bachelor of Education / Bachelor of Human Movement Diploma of Management

Graduate Certificate in Elite athlete mentoring

Opportunities /skills include:

Keynote speaking

Leadership workshops

Individual netball coaching sessions

Team coaching sessions

Award presentations

Mentoring programs for students

Mentoring programs for junior athletes


Key Stats:

230* games for Melbourne Vixens / Melbourne Phoenix 55* test caps for Australian Diamonds

Height:                                 189cm

Positions:                             GD, GK

Premierships:                        2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2014

Recent awards:                      Netball Victoria 'Legend of the game'

Player of the finals (2013,2012, 2009) Most Valuable Player (2011)

Summary Time Price
53221 121512