Country: Australia

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Daniela is able to travel world wide with minimum notice. She is based in Melbourne, Australia and the UK 

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Danieal Birch is an International Motivational Speaker who specializes in Future Issues, Life Change and Controversial Topics around Sexuality, Relationships and Men's Health. Daniela is an Author of her first book Soul Mates - F**k the Fairytale Ending which is based around Infidelities, where relationships are headed as a race and educating humanity with subjects most speakers would avoid.

She loves helping you look outside the square and she feels inspired to help millions of people feel safe to trust their authentic self. By feeling the freedom to express your truth, you will begin to not see 'change' as something to fear but an important aspect of your soul's growth. She works as an International Psychic Medium and will assist you to look beyond your current circumstances, unplug you from social conditioning and old patterns of behavior that currently keep you trapped and in fear.

She represents your unconscious voice and will show the way forward to help you see the way through life's daily challenges.

She is available for Radio Talk back shows, TV appearances and Public Speaking Events WORLD -WIDE

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