Chris Eves
Location: Eden Hills, Adelaide
Country: Australia

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Chris is a loving husband and father of four, and resides in Eden Hills, South Australia.
His life experience has taken him through a number of different industries in a variety of positions, and he has always had a yearning to offer more to the world than simply turning up to work every day.
Chris was born and raised in Perth in Western Australia, and began his working life as a Cabinetmaker, completing a four year apprenticeship manufacturing fine solid timber furniture. Chris progressed through several roles in “good jobs” and in 2012, left a well-paid managers job for a career in Personal Training, to allow him to “Love the life he Lives” and inspire others to do the same.
Chris has held a number of positions in community-based organisations such as youth groups, and was positioned as Chairperson of a non-profit youth music based organisation in WA. Many of Chris' peers now believe it is time for him to step up to the plate and live his passion in speaking to, interacting with and inspiring people to find and follow their passion to “Love the life they Live”.
Whatever the topic or requirement, Chris' relaxed and light hearted style will have your audience comfortable and absorbed, while being delightfully entertained throughout your event. Backed by managerial skills, Chris will run your evening to a timeline while happily going with the flow as necessary.
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