Quantum Sleep by Jana
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Currently in Australia there are around 1 in 3 people who have at least mild insomnia. While people generally seldom seeks professional help, they will search the internet for answers, so why not bring the knowledge to them from someone who gets very real results with no ongoing expense to the individual or need for medication. Unless insomnia becomes a major problem, most people will put up with sleep problems, not realising the health issues that may be snowballing from prolonged lack of sleep and the detrimental effect it is having on their everyday lives. Lack of sleep is known to cause depression, anxiety, drowsiness, lack of concentration, affect moods and health. This can lead to more sick days, higher risk of work place accidents, less productivity and efficiency, disharmony between colleagues. “A new economic report commissioned by the Sleep Health Foundation released today reveals sleep disorders cost the Australian economy more than $5.1 billion a year in health care and indirect costs. In addition, the reduction in life quality caused by sleep disorders has a further cost equivalent of $31.4 billion a year. The report, 'Re-awakening Australia – The Economic Cost of Sleep Disorders in Australia' highlights more than 1.5 million Australian adults, 9% of the adult population, now suffer from sleep disorders” Excerpt from The sleep health foundation. Topics covered are: Introduction - Jana presents her background, how she developed her technique though her hypnosis and clients' sessions. How the hypnosis works and where the information about all things sleep came from. What happens during sleep - this is an account of what the mind body and spirit do during sleep hours and how not getting what you need from sleep affects your life. The brain - what the brains needs to do to prepare for sleep. This is the key to shutting off the thinking that keeps people awake for hours. Guided example - Jana talks the guests through what they need to do to fall asleep and pauses to allow guests to feel what is happening. Still can't sleep? - here there is further advice if this simple technique doesn't work. Through her hypnosis clients, Jana has received advice on what else those who are severely affected with insomnia can do. Things to do in their waking life that don't cost anything. Listening to health problems - Jana teaches how to use the same technique to listen to the body and heal yourself without the need for surgery and medication. Jana has spent some time seeing clients one on one with great results. People who couldn't sleep due to things like trauma, on-going court cases, grief stricken after the death of a loved one... all reporting sleeping well every night since learning what it is they need to do. Even a client who had been taking heavy medication which only worked for 3 hours a night until it wore off is now falling asleep naturally every night. These success stories have reported that in all their searching on the internet and doctor visits, they'd never been told to do what Jana teaches. Not only does this benefit those who can't fall asleep when they climb into bed at night, it works on broken sleep as well as getting you back to sleep on Sunday morning when you want to sleep longer than your usually waking time. Almost everyone at some point will experience sleepless nights. Anything can happen - an event which can easily bring on insomnia. The information presented here will help everyone at some stage in their life, it is something they can always remember. Jana is currently writing a book and continues to see clients. She also has the presentation available to download for those who wish to pass on to loved ones, or to re-listen to what was presented in the talk. It also contains a recorded guided track they can listen to if they want the extra help on those difficult nights.

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