Lynne Cazaly
Location: Port Melbourne , Melbourne
Country: Australia

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As a hoaxer, Lynne has entertained audiences with her convincing and humourous delivery as a US 'expert'. Paper merchants were impressed with her knowledge of sustainability and the environment; mayors and senior government officials entertained by her advice regarding council amalgamations; IT experts educated on her cutting edge technology advice.... the situations, characters and presentations are different each time, but just as captivating and clever.

Lynne boasts 20+ years as a radio broadcaster - but there is much, much more to her repertoire than just being able to speak into a mic! She has held senior management, corporate communication and marketing positions since 1985 across industries such as public health, education and training, government, sport, small business and the media... but it's more recently that she has made her mark as an outstanding communicator and presenter. She has become such a memorable addition to events, conferences, workshops and seminars across Australia and in Asia. As well as consulting to organisations and individuals with their planning, communication, growth and performance,

Lynne is becoming better known as a facilitator, speaker, MC and entertainer/hoaxer. Clients include AXA Australia, Australia Post, DRAKE International, National Australia Bank, the Australian Institute of Management, Coles Myer, Bendigo Bank, Golf Australia, Melbourne University and a host of not for profit and small and medium sized enterprises. On a more serious note, she is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, an experienced board director and Chair, having sat on five boards of management. She is a fellow of the prestigious Williamson Community Leadership Program (2002). She's interested in golf, personal development, traveling Australia (including the very remote outback by 4WD) and keeping active. And yes, for the football crazy, Lynne Cazaly is related to Australian football legend Roy Cazaly. The crowd would cheer "Up There Cazaly!" and Lynne takes this cheer with her when she steps in and out of businesses and conferences around Australia. She is a facilitator, presenter, MC, and shhhh, a hoaxer too!

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