Be A Man
Location: Canberra
Country: Australia

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Be a Man - Social change through the hearts of men BE A MAN - If we change the meaning of these 3 words then we change the world. Mark explores how our society may be suffering as many men struggle to discover their authentic identity and purpose. For many a lack of guidance and resulting masculine myths are impacting us all. Mark tackles men's health including issues of domestic violence, suicide and depression head on, to reconnect men and women with a more authentic definition of masculinity. Celebrating manhood and the responsibility that comes with it. Enabling men to get real through self awareness and responsibility. To be accountable for their choices, words and actions while connecting with a deeper sense of purpose and service. To cherish and protect those around them while flourishing as husbands, partners, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, sons, colleagues and mates. Mark is calling to men and women to join together to guide our boys into becoming wonderful men that will live in harmony with each other, women, children and our planet. To BE A MAN comes with great responsibility for us all.

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