Jeanne Snider - Keynote Speaker
Location: Melbourne, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart
Country: Australia

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Jeanne Snider                                                              

Psychologist,  Presenter, Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

Qualifications: Master of Psychology (Counselling), Bachelor of Arts, Honours (Psychology),  Bachelor of Arts (International Relations),  Certificate IV Assessment and Workplace Training

Affiliations/Honours: Registered Psychologist Member Australian Psychological Society Phi Beta Kappa Rotary Foundation Scholar

Background: Jeanne is a dynamic presenter who can easily engage any audience. She has worked in presenting, coaching, facilitation and consulting since 1999.  Jeanne's areas of expertise are in personal development and people management including communication style, leadership, career development, stress management, team-building, and handling difficult workplace dynamics. She has particular expertise in the area of Emotional Intelligence, which is widely accepted as the basis of good communication and healthy relationships. Jeanne has written two major papers and a psychological test as well as several training programs in Emotional Intelligence. She has a passion for promoting individual personal development, effective communication, interpersonal skill building, and insight.

Jeanne brings exciting life experience to her career. She has lived in San Francisco, Hollywood, Brussels, Belgium and Dijon, France, and speaks fluent French. She produced television commercials, music videos and training films for ten years in Los Angeles and Melbourne. She has also performed as an actress in commercials and music videos, and still loves acting with community theatre groups. With such a colourful and dynamic background, Jeanne has a flair for adding innovation, creativity, insight, and a sense of fun to her programs. Jeanne has provided dynamic and inspiring presentations, coaching, consulting and training for executive, senior and middle managers, staff, and work teams across both public and private organisations.

Clients include:

  • International Car Manufacturer
  • Multiple High Profile Government Departments
  • Multiple City Councils
  • State Regulatory Body
  • Educational Institutions
  • Real Estate Organisations
  • International Industrial Products Manufacturer

Through these programs, participants have achieved the following: personal insight and self-awareness, effective leadership, renewed interest and enthusiasm in their careers, resolution of difficult workplace issues, increased team morale, improved staff performance, more effective communication and effective personal stress management and work-life balance.

Areas of expertise:

  • Effective Communication,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Leadership,
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviours,
  • Team-Building,
  • Stress Management,
  • Workload Management,
  • Upward Communication,
  • Performance Management,
  • Career Development,
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Insight.

Popular Topics:

  • Emotional Intelligence through Financial Crisis
  • Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence for Better Relationships
  • Facing Retirement – Being Prepared for Social and Emotional Transformation
  • Understanding Generational Differences
  • Communicating Assertively – Take Back Your Power without Alienating Others
  • Stress Management – It’s Your Choice
  • Managing Workloads – It’s Up to You
  • High Performance Team Culture
  • Leadership Tips – A Coach’s Perspective
  • Motivating and Empowering Others
  • Using your Emotional Intelligence - Connecting with Others
  • Managing your Manager

Jeanne Snider's presentations and programs are dynamic, informative and enjoyable receiving consistently high ratings and repeat engagements.  References are available upon request.


“Fantastic presenter!”  Manager,  Government Regulatory Body

"Can we have Jeanne back for another session?"  Officer, Government Department

“I learned more in this Emotional Intelligence course about managing people than I learned in a management course in the city.”  Manager, Retail

“I felt it gave me a clearer picture of my downfalls in communication both personally and professionally and helped me in being able to effectively address them.”  Owner/Operator Real Estate Franchise

“Really enjoyable, interesting, stimulating, thought provoking.”  Educator

“I really enjoyed this session and thought it was very useful and interesting.  I wish I’d taken part earlier in my career and hope this assistance will be as beneficial as it looks like it’s going to be.”  Manager, Public Service

“I thought that the workshop was a fantastic experience that will assist me both personally, in my relationships, and professionally.” Administrative Assistant, Consulting Firm  

 "Jeanne has such a theatrical style which is very engaging."  Training consultant, Public Service

 “Friendly presenter, very easy to listen to and at no stage was I bored, which is amazing for such a long day.”  Educator  

“First enjoyable training I have done in my four years here.  I’m very sorry my boss did not attend.”  Manager, Public Service

“Has given me something concrete to take away with me and will be useful for work and personal life.”  Manager, Health Services

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