Stacey Currie - Inspirational Speaker
Location: Carrum Downs, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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According to the usual script, Stacey should be living on the streets, in jail, on drugs or dead. She ticks all the boxes when it comes to risk factors, having experienced no mum throughout her life, bought up in housing commission, child sexual abuse, aged 13 and living in a shed, 15 and pregnant, 19 with 2 babies and homeless, 21 with 3 kids and living in a domestic violent relationship.

But remarkably Stacey managed to defy the odds in a spectacular way, through following her passion.

Fast forward 10 years…

Stacey Currie is author of The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too, often referred to as the “dynamite” by colleagues, clients and friends; Stacey was a first time mother at 16, and now 32years young she is a busy mum of 5 children. A businesswoman, speaker, published author and the Official Ambassador for the Lighthouse Foundation and Brave Hearts Foundation, she still finds time to keep fit, run a successful business and stays passionate about helping others to achieve their goals.

Recently featured on The Circle, The Kerri-Anne show, A Current Affairs, ABC’s 7:30 Report, The Herald Sun, The Age, BRW magazine, and many more this lady is living proof that you CAN overcome the odds.

Stacey lives by her motto “if you are powered by passion.. ALL things are possible”...

Stacey will encourage her audience to dream big and inspires them to improve their attitude to get through their obstacles. She will share what the power of making the right choices in life can do for your future successes.

Stacey believes everybody can find purpose in their work. She will captivate the attention of both employees and employers and have them realise there is a certain way of thinking, which will ultimately lead you to living an abundant life.

Stacey knows for a fact that by becoming aware of your purpose and passion in life produces desired results.

Stacey is a leading example of how to overcome and beat the odds. She has a serious motivation to get Results and it’s no surprise that  with no sales or marketing experience within 12 months of building her business Stacey managed to win printing jobs with companies such as BHP Billiton, Coles/Myer, Clive Peeters, Autopro and many more turning the business from making $100 worth of sales per month to a whopping $100,000 per month and within 6 months moving into a factory an achievement that won her a nomination in this year’s (2011) Telstra Women in Business Awards. Completing her first book in a short 6 months which has been endorsed by Brian Tracy, you can be sure that if it’s on her to-do list, it will get DONE! 

She is an inspiration, certainly is living proof of the fact, regardless of your situation if you are powered by passion, all things are possible…

For Business: Weather you have a small business or a massive empire, you will have the same problem most corporations face; lack of motivation in your employees.

Stacey will show your employees how to find passion and purpose in their role and how to have them understand that simply by working hard now they can reap the rewards in the future. If a 21 year old can bring up 3 kids, work full time as an employee and be nominated for a business award from her employees , than anyone can learn how Stacey managed to stay focused, motivated and on fire throughout her 4 years with the company.

They can then be inspired and see the rewards Stacey has reaped from the early hard work she put in. Sometimes all it takes is an outsider to motivate and inspire your employees to ignite that burning desire again.

For Schools: Stacey knows all to well the effects home life can have on the youth of today. Not only did Stacey experience this in her own life but also that of her 16 year old son.

After years of living in a violent relationship and having her children witness this trauma, Stacey found her then 13 year old son smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, wagging school, suicidal and in frequent trouble with the police. It wasn’t until Stacey herself changed her life that she also encouraged and with success managed to inspire her own son to change his life from living at the bottom of the black hole to now working his passion with animals and also running a business.

Her son has not touched any drugs, alcohol or been in trouble with the police in 3 years. She understands what the youth of today needs and she is here to empower them to live an extraordinary life no matter what their circumstances.

Stacey shares her views on overcoming adversity, to feel inspired and empowered to take your dream to the next level to make it happen.

Her message is to share that no matter what obstacles in life are thrown at you, you can still make your dreams a reality.

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Speaker Topics Include:

•Master your bullseye for success

•Plant your seeds now to harvest your rewards

•Goal setting & action taking

•Her story from homeless 19 year old with 2 children, to a million dollar business woman

•If you are powered by passion..all things are possible

•Low coast marketing, no cost publicity and brand development

•Fitting it all in..Think you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Learn how to make the most of every minute

•Commit and persist for success.. Persistent is vital to making it to the top. •Uncover your fears and transform those excuses into opportunities

•Train your brain to think outside the square •Instead of following, lead and show others the way to success

•How to write, publish, and promote your own book

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