Yvonne Bornstein - My Journey Of Courage
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Country: Australia

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Yvonne Bornstein, author of “Eleven Days of Hell, My True Story of Kidnapping, Terror, Torture and Historic FBI and KGB Rescue” wrote her new book because she was compelled to.
It took her twelve years to get far enough past the trauma of her kidnapping, torture and rescue to be able to relay her story.
It was in January of 1992 that Bornstein, a wife, mother of two, and businesswoman, found herself caught up in the political disintegration of the Soviet Union.
The KGB was disbanded, and many of its operatives moved into the shady underbelly of criminal society. Capitalism was taking hold and new business ventures were springing up between the international business community and the newly monetarily motivated Russian.
It is against this backdrop that Yvonne and then husband Daniel Weinstock found themselves caught.
Under the auspices of a deal gone bad, the couple was kidnapped, tortured and held for $1.6 US ransom. Bornstein was born in Perth, Western Australia where she spent the first 20 years of her life.
She married in1976.They divorced four years later.
A subsequent engagement ended several months before her wedding when her fiancé was murdered during a robbery that took place in the driveway while Yvonne looked on from inside the home they shared.
After almost 7 years, she met the charismatic young widower, Daniel Weinstock with whom she fell in love and soon married.
She became a successful businesswoman jointly operating the couples lucrative international barter trade business.
The expansion of the business took them to Russia. It is this part of Yvonne’s life that is the basis of her book. Sadly, the postscript of the kidnapping was the break-up of Yvonne’s marriage to Daniel Weinstock, they became two people isolated in their own fear.
Today, Yvonne Bornstein lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Sam.
They have been married for 7 years.
Yvonne Bornstein has been a corporate executive, a wife, a mother and a kidnap victim. She is the author of Eleven Days of Hell - My True Story of Kidnapping, Terror, Torture and Historic FBI and KGB Rescue - her first book which was published in the USA.
This book is being released again by New Holland Publishers Australia and onto the book shop shelves on October 1st 2008!
Yvonne's second book -"BURNED" (a fictional novel based on ELEVEN DAYS OF HELL is currently being published by Tor/Forge in New York.
She is co-writing with David Hagberg -author of more than twenty books.
"BURNED" is due for release in early 2008.
Movie rights are being negotiated with several major Hollywood studios via Yvonne's Hollywood agent, Kevin Cleary of Content House LA.
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