Amanda Gore
Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia

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As a Speaker

Years of training and study have taught Amanda which emotional aspects drive change, and now as specialist in helping people

  • Feel good about themselves
  • Create joyful workplaces and teams
  • Handle disruptive change more easily
  • Focus on what’s going right and working well
  • Build great relationships
  • Become conscious of and change their thinking - which in turn affects everything
  • And much more!

Creating a lasting connection to joy allows them to feel good about themselves and change their attitudes and behaviours - with humour! As a conference keynote speaker she reframes many real life and corporate situations so people see things from a new perspective, laugh about them, and re-think their responses.

When people truly feel good about themselves and what they are doing, performance goes through the roof. Feeling good about yourself is the most important thing in life!

It leads to:

  • Enthusiastic, optimistic people
  • Better customer service
  • Handling change with ease
  • Fewer problems with office politics
  • Happier teams
  • More creativity and innovation
  • Friction-free collaboration

Brief History

Amanda understands that getting down to business isn’t all about targets and optimizing clickthroughs. The heart and profit center of every business is about how people think, and consequently, feel about themselves; and how they make others feel. How we feel about a personal or business relationship informs every part of our decision to invest with them. Amanda’s action-packed performances offer an abundance of use-it-now tools to create deep, lasting relationships at every level - with family, customers, colleagues, and clients. Everyone leaves energized, enthusiastic and re-engaged!

Amanda has been on TV, radio, written books, produced videos and spoken for over 1000 companies.

Originally a physical therapist with a major in psychology, she worked in clinical practice for years before focusing on ergonomics, occupational health, and management systems. She is a master practitioner of neuro-linguistics and is an avid student of group dynamics,

How Can Amanda Make This Your Best Conference Yet?

Amanda has the unique ability to entertain, inform and involve audiences simultaneously - it is an experience that is hard to describe, you need to feel it!

She is energetic, very humorous and is a master at group dynamics, which means she can really facilitate the bonding/ connecting of delegates, whether they know each other or not.

She'll have them laughing and talking to each other to kick start your conference with a hysterical, team-building bang - or elevates them to a high finale so they can leave your conference full of energy and excitement.


"Amanda is a wow of wows as a speaker. She's enchanting, captivating, brilliantly funny, tenderly charming, heartfelt, genuine, sincere and poignantly authentic and yet she delivers an impactful message that we each want and need to hear. She's unforgettable, with her innovative audience involvement techniques.... that will give you skills to take home, tell others, and start using immediately to better your life, your relationships, future and finances. I can't say enough good about her. Amanda personifies 'Chicken Soup' in talk. She's too good not to be known to the entire world" Mark Victor Hansen, co author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Amanda what can I say . . . you were a smash hit!!! We did a quick review of the evaluation forms for the meeting and of course you received the highest marks and some of the most complimentary comments, many of whom demanded that we have you back EVERY year! My expectations were only exceeded by the real you. And I can't get that darn song "Always look on the bright side of life" out of my head!!! The next two days we were there after you had gone it seemed as though everyone was humming that tune, and we even sang it at the Chairman's Ball!!! You brought a powerful message wrapped in fun and silliness which made it enjoyable as well as informative." Scott Larsen, Aluminum Extruders Association

"Your talk took an audience of 6,000, already energized by a great program, to a new level. No wonder you were the only one of some of the world's greatest speakers on 4 days of main platform programming, to get 3 standing ovations. Even for the MDRT--that's pretty special. The 4 1/2 minutes standing ovation was unprecedented. You should be delighted by the response of your presentation. You changed lives and gave people ways to brighten their days and look on the bright side of life. You are a special and gifted lady. It will not be long before you are the hottest US speaker around." Million Dollar Round Table

"I want to thank you again for speaking to our team. You made such a difference. Not just for the meeting (which was the best we have had thanks to you!). But also after the team members returned to their stores. I have
spent most of this week out visiting the stores and attending store meetings and events. Wow!! It is catching on. Everyone is using the tools you gave them and wanting more. I sure messed up by not having you come speak to us sooner. I make financial decisions every day about how to use our budget and invest our money in different resources. You are the best investment I have made yet. We will earn "dividends" for a long time." Wells Fargo
"I just wanted to drop you a note to personally thank you for the unbelievable presentation you put on for us at our YPO University last week. I had heard it was possible, but until I saw a room full of President's linking hands and whistling through "Always look on the bright side of life" with my own eyes, I wouldn't have actually believed it. Your session survey results were great - they love you (and that makes me look great). I also appreciated your "low-tech" philosophy and hands on approach before your presentation. Also, please pass on my thanks to Somer who was extremely helpful and a pleasure to deal with." Young Presidents Organization

"Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!! The critiques that I previewed gave you the highest of ratings. I was worried that the presentation would be too long for this group to sit but everyone thought you should have had more time. Figure that out! I did a presentation at one of our larger companies yesterday and the folks that attended your session raved about you. So you made me look good too!" Cendant Corporation


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