Carole Disseldorp - Parenting Speaker
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Family life can be tremendously satisfying and rewarding, providing a balanced lifestyle is achieved, and specific parenting skills are understood, and consistently used.
If we want to raise happy, confident, caring, self-disciplined, independent, stable, well-mannered, responsible, competent and successful people, we need to educate ourselves on the best way to achieve this.

Carole Disseldorp is a Parent Educator who has had 35 years experience working with children and parents. She has 4 wonderful grown children. Carole has worked as a Primary Teacher for over 5.5 years, a full-time, Stay-at-home Mum for 16 years, a Parent Educator for 4.5 years, a Childcare Worker for 4 years and a Nanny for 2.5 years. She cares deeply for the well-being of all children and parents, and knows highly effective ways to raise children and adolescents so that they become happy, confident, caring, self-disciplined, independent, stable, well-mannered, competent and successful people. Her Easier Parenting paperback has just been released in February, 2012.

She will talk about: Easier Parenting -  8 Vital Principles to Guide your Children's Behaviour Successfully

  1. Set a Healthy Example
  2. Promote and Practise Positivity
  3. Communicate Effectively
  4. Teach Rules and Prevent Problems
  5. Practise Self-care - Parents and Children
  6. Nurture all Family Members
  7. Discipline Respectfully
  8. Provide Stimulating Activities for Everyone
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