Manuela Oliveira Keynote Speaker (Dance)
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Manuela is a positive, uplifting, inspirational and informative keynote speaker and elite performing artist. She is an advocate of empowerment and achieving for the new generation, youth, underprivileged and women. Manuela has featured on the hottest US television shows and is your ideal perfect keynote speaker.

Her presentation is a high impact powered up show that includes breakdancing, popping, acrobatics, beat boxing, rapping, vocal dynamics, factual real story telling, practical interactive scenarios, physical audience animation and shared inspirational theatrical examples on stage. Lots of fun and positivity galore all across the full jam packed 60 minutes from keynote speaker Manuela. 
From the tender age of 7 Manuela was already a fighter in the making. Coming from a restricted and very disciplined upbringing from a European family it was always very hard for her to follow her ways. But it was not until Manuela saw a street busker do the hokey pokey dance mixed with the running man in a pop video that it took her breath away and from that moment on Manuela decided to dance and perform.
It was a hard task as her family never understood at first but eventually felt touched by watching Manuela one cold night do the moonwalk across the living room that they became their new found supporters for life and ever since she has been doing nothing else but to follow her heart.
Studying was no different as Manuela was often discouraged, put down and told that she will never be able to become a dancer or a performing artist but that only made her stronger, motivated her and pushed her to the limits in order to become the amazing person that Manuela is today.
What happened over the next few years just left all the non-believers absolutely stunned and speechless to the point that the great majority have since either become friends and/or fans of Manuela.
Her relocation into the USA was the dream start for any budding choreographer and/or dancer out there and as happy as it was at first, it also became Manuela’s worst nightmare as due to the high intensity and fast pace of the craft in New York and Los Angeles, Manuela suffered multiple physical injuries to her body which truly did threaten to put a stop to her career immediately in a flash but such is the power, mindset, strength, aspirational and dreams of her heart which pulled Manuela to recover. The rest is history.
Manuela has worked, shared the stage, choreographed, associated and/or performed with Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Paula Abdul, Samantha Jade and J-Lo just to name a few globally major recording artists of all time.
She has also been instrumental working behind the scenes as a creative choreographer and artistic director for worldwide television hits The Voice and The X Factor in the US and So You Think You Can Dance in Australia and Asia.
Manuela is available from Sydney (Australia) for a very limited time and she is happy to travel anywhere across Australia and the rest of the world.
During her session everybody can pose together for photographs at the end and even do selfies with Manuela.
Book Manuela today so that your guests and participants can have the time of their lives but most importantly feel motivated and be inspired to achieve their goals, never give up and always remain positive while smiling throughout and having lots of good fun.
In her world nothing is impossible.
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