Nothing is Impossible
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Country: United States

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Terry is a highly sought after motivational speaker. He is an author, entrepreneur, teacher, activist and business consultant and has entertained various audiences with a unique, passionate and heartfelt style of communicating. In additional, he has authored several books including A Father's Odyssey, now read in 27 countries, upon which the films MY RUN and Pushing life are based. Three years ago, Terry has over 21 million followers and eighteen months ago that number rose to over 66 million. Terry is called a national hero for the message he delivers. MY RUN is now seen in over 100 countries. Terry, an Air Force Veteran, has an MBA, DBA and JD. He started five start ups, raised over one hundred million in start up capital, helped created a total of 83 companies, helped establish a national holiday, received the Distinguished Medal of Merit, ran 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days to honor single parents and their children and ran across the Mohave Desert to honor Veterans everywhere. Terry's story exemplifies the power of the human spirit over adversity.

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