Ryan Campbell
Location: Merimbula
Country: Australia

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Ryan Campbell is an aviator at heart, an adventurer of spirit and young man with an amazing story to tell.

He has achieved more in less than two decades than what most will in a lifetime.

At 15 he became the youngest pilot in Australia, at 18 he had a commercial pilot’s licence and a little over a year after that he made international headlines.

In June 2013, Campbell, then just 19-years-old, set off from Wollongong in NSW in a bid to become the youngest pilot – and first teenager – in history to circumnavigate the world solo in a single engine aircraft. Seventy days later after stopping 34 times in 15 countries and covering more than 24,000 nautical miles Campbell’s Teen World Flight became a reality.

He had achieved his dream of flying around the globe and became Australia’s latest world record holder.

The entire journey, captured by Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program, was more than just a couple of long-haul flights too.

It was an odyssey that had all begun in a young boy’s mind more than a decade before and had been two years of full-time planning.

Showing maturity, determination and courage beyond his years, Campbell fundraised, planned and fundraised some more to ensure his quarter of a million dollar dream would be a success.

Now with his feet firmly planted on the ground, Campbell is planning to travel Australia inspiring young people to follow their dreams both in, and beyond, aviation.

Campbell’s ability to regale people of all walks of life with stories of perseverance, fear, planning, teamwork and the spirit of adventure make him a must see.

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