Corporate Leadership Keynote Speaker
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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One of the great things about Peter's keynote presentations is that they continue to remain current. As the work that he does with Hands Across the Water evolves so does the keynote. With each orphanage that Hands opens, or major project they undertake the content of his keynote changes.

Peter is ideally suited to open or close a conference and works perfectly in those low energy spots on a conference program when a compelling speaker is required. Which ever keynote presentation he delivers at your conference or off site meeting, your audience is guaranteed to be moved and have their thinking challenged.

As a former Detective Inspector of Operations within the Forensic Services Group of the NSW Police, Peter offers a rare insight into what it takes to lead powerfully, with integrity and compassion, in the most extraordinary of circumstances. You don’t lead international teams through one of the worlds biggest natural disasters and not have stories to tell. More importantly, the topics and leadership issues Peter covers, carry relevance across all industries and he has made an impact with everyone he has worked with. From the big four banks in Australia to the leading pharmaceutical company in Spain whichever his audience his messages will not be forgotten quickly.

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