George Negus
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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For the past 25 years George Negus has been at the forefront of Australian political journalism earning considerable recognition as an international correspondent and charming audiences with his wit, humour and incisive style.

George is also an experienced Debate Facilitator and Chairperson.

Brief History

  • George was a founding member of 60 Minutes, Australian television's most successful program ever, his eight year stint on the show raising him to a position of extraordinary public prominence.
  • His reputation was further enhanced by his role as presenter of the ABC's Foreign Correspondent.

·         Thereafter spending a year in Europe looking at issues such as racial, sexual and economic inequality, genetically modified foods, americanisation, free trade, sustainable development, the new technology and globalisation, George returned to Australia in 2000 to write a book about the evolving economic and political "New Way". Australia - Are We Ready for the Third Way? Life as a Foreign Correspondent. The Personalities of Power.


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