Jane Wundersitz
Location: Adelaide, Adelaide
Country: Australia

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As a Speaker

Jane is a high energy and engaging speaker who has the ability to inform and involve audiences simultaneously! Her delightful and positive approach complements the active learning environment. Participants stay involved throughout the session interaction, self-reflection and engagement is high.

She is driven to bring the robust research from applied neuroscience, positive psychology and mental toughness to life and thrives on supporting organisations to thrive in these unprecedented and challenging times. Jane loves fueling the energy and attitude to take people to the next chapter, through engaging new ways of thinking, reappraising a situation and engaging with their strengths.

If you are looking for a speaker for a positive impact and a fresh mindset- Jane will deliver.

We wanted to start our two-day leadership conference with a 'wow factor'-  A speaker that would set the tone and mindset for the two days. Jane Wundersitz delivered this in spades!" Executive and Leadership Conference: Bridget Brill General Manager Human Services

 Keynote Topics (45 -90 mins)


  • How not to think of Covid -19 all the time
  • Building Motivation through a Pandemic
  • Travel Well: Same Storm Different Boat
  • Harnessing Strengths: for energy and performance
  • Positively Charged and Resilient
  • Live Life Forward: Happiness and Wellbeing
  • Emotional Intelligence: theory into practice
  • Mental Toughness for today's workplace
  • The Good Life: What matters most?

"Enjoyed everything - scope content 'realness', energy, applicability- leaving with real ideas for personal and professional change- Anne Hitachi Australia Executive Conference

"Jane's presentation was motivational and uplifting. A brilliant speaker!"  University Professional Development Conference  

"Inspiring, motivating and definitely worth businesses investing in."  Lorna Jane – Kelly State Manager

         "10 + Definitely gets the brain working. I could honestly listen to Jane present all day." IAG Insurance AustraliaGroup

        " Thank you Anyone who can keep a bunch of blue brained engineer type entertained and on task for the length of time is doing well!" AMP Capital Leadership Conference

      " Inspirational- fantastic energy and real relevant learning" - Lincoln Boc Conference Melbourne

Interactive Conference Hero’s (90 min -3 hrs)

"Thank you for your high energy session. The interactive nature of your presentation made it one of the most talked-about parts of our conference. How you connected videos, charts, table exercises and commentary together created a very powerful and memorable experience. I really liked your tailoring of key messages back to our company and our conference theme. I am sure we will see you again at our future events."Andy Jones DormaKaba: Managing Director/Senior Vice President PACIFIC, AS APAC

Brief History: 

Jane is an award-winning speaker,  proven business leader, the founder and director of WunderTraining since 2012 and has worked with clients across every industry delivering to over 25,000 participants. She is an Australian Master Trainer and is renowned for her authentic style, creative edge and ability to connect.

Experienced national and state leader in Australia and the UK. 

Her credentials include Adv. Dip Neuroscience of Leadership (currently), Dip. Positive Psychology and Well-being, Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts, Cert.Training & Assessment, Cert. Positive Psychology PENN University, Leading in a VUCA world: Charles Sturt University, Leading Positive Change: Case Western University,  Acc Driven Resilience  Coach, AUSTRALIAN Master Trainer: VIA Strengths, AQR accreditation and  Mental Toughness Partner.

Recent Engagements: Hot Topics for 2020 Virtual Delivery or Book ahead for Live

  • Executive Assistants Leadership Masterclass: Sydney Luna Park
    • 45 min Opening Keynote:  'Emotional Intelligence - the key to being an amazing EA'
  • Qantas Aspire Women in Leadership Conference: Sydney 
    • 90 min : Harnessing Strengths - Amplify your energy and performance                                                                                              
  • The Penguin Club 70 years in Australia Conference: Adelaide 
    • Interactive Keynote : 'The Speakers Edge'
  • Indigenous & Intensive Services Conference : Canberra
    • Values and Vision the next chapter
  • L'Oreal Kerastase National Conference: Adelaide   
    • Building on our Strengths


Client to provide: Audio and Visual for powerpoint, Lapel Microphone and roving microphone for large groups. 

Preference to present first up or after a break if a high interactive style of delivery at tables is requested


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